how many wee antennas for a wirless router?

  athenrye 09:38 15 Jan 2008

hi im thinking of getting a wirless router
wee thibng that i cant seem to find while researching them....
i have 2 computers and a laptop and xbox360 all wired at the minute to my wired router

on the back of the wirless one will i need individual antenas (4 for the pcs etc i have the now) or is it just the one that comes with the router fine?

i see some pictures of routers with 1 antena some other pictures have 3 antenas... is it better to have one per item connected?

obviously i need the pcs to have antenas or wireless enabled, im just wondering what connects to the back of the router at the minute

any help would be great

  [email protected] 09:51 15 Jan 2008

Normally you need only one antenna. The reason some routers have multiples is to increase the coverage/strength. You will of course need one for each PC but depending on your geographical situation you may need either more than one or a higher gain one on your router.

  Gongoozler 09:51 15 Jan 2008

Your router will come with all the antennae it needs. If you buy a wireless-g router it will have 1 antenna, a wireless-n router will have 2. The 2 antennae in wireless-n are there only to give greater range and speed. The analogy is that you only have one tv aerial to receive signals from several transmitters. For best results, connect your router to your primary PC via the ethernet connector to set it up, and keep it that way. All the other computers in your network connect quite happily by wireless. I have been using a Netgear DG834G for some time now, and found it an absolute doddle to set up, and very reliable. I can just about run my laptop through it from the far end of my 100ft garden! click here

  athenrye 09:57 15 Jan 2008

thanks guys
so its a signal strenth thing, great
getting a bit confused seeing some with more antenas

im looking to buy belkin f5d7230uk4 click here as i have virgin cable


  Quiller. 10:02 15 Jan 2008

That should run your computers and XBox 360 fine.

We run 7 laptops, a desktop, Wii and Xbox all off the one belkin router. All via WiFi.

  Gongoozler 10:06 15 Jan 2008

I always find the customer reviews at Ebuyer useful click here

  athenrye 14:14 15 Jan 2008

my son has a fujitsu siemens amilo k7610 laptop
is this wi-fi enabled,

he bought it in the sale and cant see anything on it

how can i check, very slow at this

  Quiller. 15:37 15 Jan 2008

You should really start your own thread, but it's a quick answer.

If he presses the FNkey with the F1 key, this will turn on the wireless lan.

So yes he has.

Shortcut keys for that laptop are

click here

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