How many people have Acronis True Image

  Eric half-a-bee 10:24 14 Apr 2006

True image has been the subject of several posts recently - I was wondering just how many of you have this application and how frequently you make/update your images.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 12:06 14 Apr 2006

I keep an image of the O/S and applications in the secure zone as it saves replacing all the applications and updates if the system goes walkabout, only takes about 15 minutes. I do an incremental as and when I have done any major updating. Keep data outside of secure zone so I can get at it if required without using Acronis. Keep it all on a USB external.

  absent 12:25 14 Apr 2006

I use it and keep an image of my C on another drive. It has saved me several times over the years.

  gudgulf 12:59 14 Apr 2006

I have Acronis TI 7 and make a full backup of my two hard drives to an external drive on a monthly basis with incremental backups to the main system drive at least weekly.

In addition I have all data backed up to CD/DVD as needed.

  Jim Thing 13:06 14 Apr 2006

I hope to use it (after an abortive start — click here).

I intend to keep a full image of my C: drive (= OS + apps), plus incremental images, in a Secure Zone on an external USB drive. Data-file backups will also be kept on the USB drive but outside the Secure Zone.

  Doire_Bhoy 13:06 14 Apr 2006

When you backup up an "image" of a hard dribve using Acronis True, what exactly is backed up? Is the OS backed up to or just all the files, programs and drivers?

  Danoh 13:08 14 Apr 2006

Have only recently got TI-9 but method of C: imaging (O/S + app programs only, no data) will be the same as other PCs running DriveImage-7, which has proven itself many times over, for several years.

Original clean installs + updates always kept, circa quarterly refresh of 2nd image for updates to O/S & apps re-org, only.
So total of 2 images of C: at any one time.

Data backups are daily and 3 times weekly, 3 - 1 generation of backups cycled automatically, categorised by data volatility/change-rates.

  Danoh 13:11 14 Apr 2006

Doire_Bhoy; an "image" of a drive or partition is a HDD sector-by-sector snap-shot of EVERYTHING that is on that drive.
So if that drive (say C:) has the standard default set-up, that will be your O/S, programs and all data for each XP profile/account.

  rawprawn 13:16 14 Apr 2006

I am still using True Image 7, which has never let me down. I alternate between backing up to my slave hard drive and Acronis secure Zone on a weekly basis.

  stylehurst 13:53 14 Apr 2006

I use TI8 & make a full system back up on a monthly basis of my C Drive (OS & Programs only)
My D Drive which is solely data is backed on an incremental basis daily.
I also keep a first instal (which can be a year or more old) in the secure zone.
This approach has saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

  Eric half-a-bee 15:18 14 Apr 2006

Rather like Jim Thing, I never made use of True Image until I had to do a completed re-install a few weeks ago. Many hours later when I'd got my system back how it had been I questioned my decision to not bother with TI, since then I've had to (or chose as the easiest option) restore once. Instead of hopur upon hour it tooks ten minutes. Really wish I used it ages ago.

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