How many partitions does XP support

  Paul2008 22:48 17 Jan 2009

How many partitions can XP support?
I have a 350GB HDD split into d:. e:, f: and G:.
Will my system run quicker if everything is just directories on C:?

  rdave13 23:08 17 Jan 2009

In XP why have partitions?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:54 17 Jan 2009

Partitioning is so last century. Get an external HD or 16Gb memory stick and Acronis..........welcome to the 21st century.


  rdave13 23:59 17 Jan 2009

"welcome to the 21st century."
More bleeding trudge..then..

  Snec 00:02 18 Jan 2009

I do things on a computer that would not actually be possible without partitioning. If you used several different versions of the Trainz program and used the DLS you'd know why too. So, no it is not last century at all if there is a need.

  rdave13 00:14 18 Jan 2009

Trainz and DLS? No idea what those mean but suerly different folders would work the same?
Just an idea.

  Snec 01:34 18 Jan 2009


  tullie 01:53 18 Jan 2009

If its a game you could save in folders surely,if not why not?

  Snec 02:27 18 Jan 2009

Okay then, Trainz is a railroad simulator but more than that, you create your own worlds. To do this you need to download content from the DLS (download station) using the CMP (content manager program). The CMP always downloads to the latest version but if, like me you have several versions, you may not want all content to go to the latest version. The only way to keep each program seperate is to have them on different drives or partitions. I have four versions of Trainz each with a local content folder ranging from 85GB to 175GB. I have 3 internal drives, partitioned accordingly, and 4 external drives for backups.

I'm not going to go into detail but when I backup I don't want to backup over 750GB, including my other stuff, each time. That is why I have partitions. Without partitions backing up would be a veritable nightmare and content management could not be properly controlled either.

It's not just Trainz either. On another computer I have something like 350 different programs producing all sorts of stuff daily, and I just cannot imagine how a reasonable backup regime could be organised without partitions. Yes, on that computer it could be done with folders but not as easily or automatically.

  €dstowe 07:39 18 Jan 2009

I read somewhere that if you come to the situation when all drive letters are used up (the whole alphabet) WXP, and I suppose later versions, will start again with the letters doubled up so you will get drive DD, EE etc.

I've no idea if this is true but to have that many drives is going some!

  Miké 09:58 18 Jan 2009

Don't forget you can mount a partition as a folder on your C: drive, can be more conveinient with some programs. click here

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