How many installs of XP

  uncleherman 22:18 23 Feb 2003

Is it possible to have more than one copy of Xp on my computer.I have two hdd(40+80)and I would like to partition them so I've got 3 partitions of 40 gig and istall XP on all off them.

  Lozzy 22:25 23 Feb 2003

Why?? Makes no sense

  Legolas 22:33 23 Feb 2003

I would imaging you could have as many copies as you want as long as they are all on different partitions

  Taran 22:47 23 Feb 2003

Yes, you can do it using Drive Image click here , Ghost click here or Drive Copy (also from PowerQuest), which is dedicated to transferring the contents of one drive to another. You'd be better off preparing your disk partitions prior to restoring the image onto all of them.

If you don't prepare your partitions first, partitioning a disk after an XP install results in one of the possible three major hardware changes taking place when XP thinks you've changed a hard drive, because its physical size has changed. This may or may not be an issue if you don't intend changing any more hardware.

It's a little fiddly to get everything sorted out the way you have in mind, but it can be a handy way of experimenting with software on one partition while keeping another as your main working environment and yet another as a backup or for dedicated gaming.

There are pros and cons to it, but to answer your question, yes, it can be done.


  eccomputers 23:31 23 Feb 2003

I wouldnt recommend it, you will end up with all sorts of problems.

  Stokey 09:08 24 Feb 2003

Makes a lot of sense Lozzy. Actually it is one of the most sensible things anyone can do.

Would you travel in a car without a spare wheel?

  Elrond 09:20 24 Feb 2003

Only makes sense to have it on two separate disks(which uncleherman is doing). The second partition on the 80GB is probably the one that Lozzy is referring to, because if the disk goes so do both partitions.

  uncleherman 20:07 27 Feb 2003

Thanks for all the replys especially Taran+Stokey.Pretty much answered all my questions.Lozzy I don't need loads off things running in the background(antivirus-firewall etc) when I'am copying or gaming.THANKS AGAIN EVERYBODY.

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