How many drives

  Mick 17:12 21 Mar 2003

I have just purchased a new CD/RW writer (48x24x52) I also have a DVD/CD Rom, the problem is the DVD/CD Rom is too slow to make good use of the fast writer. Can I install a faster CD Rom along side the other two and use it in cojunction with the writer. If this is possible it will enable me to make use of the DVD player.


  Legolas 17:18 21 Mar 2003

I think so, a normal motherboard allows the installation of four IDE devices so if you have your existing DVD-ROM and CD-RW on one cable set as master and slave then you can have the other CD-ROM on the same cable and connector as your HDD.

  eccomputers 17:41 21 Mar 2003

I would put the new cd-rom and the writer on the same channel as slave and master.
I would slave the dvd off the hdd.

The reason is, when I had the source cd off the same channel as the hdd it tended to keep locking the system up, Hogging it.

  Simon_P 17:46 21 Mar 2003

It is not recomended to mix optical and magnetic drives on the same bus! but may still work

Options you have are:

Try it anyway

Get a PCI IDE bus card

Replace CD/DVD drive altogether, not much more expencive that a CD Rom these days.

  cream. 19:34 21 Mar 2003

Yes of course you can, eccomputers configuration should be the best for your situation. In older computers with low ata or pio transfer rates this would have slow-en the hard drive to a crawl, but with the technology of the last few years this does not happen.

Also check that DMA is enabled on all drives.

  flecc 20:31 21 Mar 2003

It's always best to write via the hard drive and most writing programs support this. Then the speed of the ROM drive doesn't matter.

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