how many decibels from this PSU?

  palinka 17:12 29 Dec 2006

My PC had very noisy fan which I replaced with one from Quietpc. Things are quieter, but not quiet and most noise now is from PSU which is a Macron Power MPT A230W. Can't find any info about this on the web but would like to know how many decibels it produces. Does anyone happen to know? or could point me to a site that would have this info.

  STREETWORK 17:24 29 Dec 2006

It is likely that the fan is dusted up a bit.

I used a dyson cleaner to get the dust out of mine and then very carefully placed a small drop of light machine oil on the shaft (this should be done with care)

If the noise persist then it could be showing signs of ware...

  Gongoozler 17:31 29 Dec 2006

Presumably the Macron Power MPT A230W is a 230W PSU, and is quite old. What sort of noise is it making? If it is normal white noise of the air moving, then it could just be caused by dust on the fan blades as suggested by STREETWORK. If it's bearing rumble, then it's caused by bearing wear. Unless you are experienced in working on electronic equipment, a new PSU could be the best solution.

  palinka 19:20 29 Dec 2006

thank you both; yes, it is quite old, but it's been noisy like this from new and every so often I think of doing something about it and this is one such time! and yes, it's just the fan moving sort of noise - it's always been the same noise. Not noticeable as a nuisance in the shop when you buy a PC because there's lots of background noise, but a real pain in an otherwise silent room at home.
I've checked out a "silent" PSU on QuietPc's website - it's said to produce 24 Decibels max, so I wondered what my present one is producing, for comparison. Quiet PC say that 35 is a "quiet library" so 24 sounds really good, but sitting next to mine I don't know how it compares with either of those scores.
Oh yes, and i regualrly use a vacuum cleaner to clear stuff off all internal parts, inc fans; so it isn't liklely to be that.

  citadel 19:58 29 Dec 2006

if the psu came with the pc it is probably a cheap noisy one.

  palinka 20:03 29 Dec 2006

yes, on both counts, Citadel.

  terryf 20:29 29 Dec 2006

I recently bought a Trust '520W Pro Low Noise Big Fan' psu and together with an Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro heatpipe cooler and an Antec Solo Quiet Mini Tower Case, I can hardly hear my PC except during boot before the mobo takes control of the processor fan. The case comes without psu and the psu has a large 120 mm fan. For fans to move the same amount of cooling air then large blades = slower fan speed.

  palinka 21:16 29 Dec 2006

thanks, terryf. At present I can still hear mine if I go out of the room, leave the door open and walk to other end of the hall. I'm thinking of getting one of the cheaper models here -click here but I'll take a look at the one you suggest. Don't want to spend much, hence the ones i'm considering, as I've lived with it so long and ultimately will probably upgrade.

  Totally-braindead 23:01 29 Dec 2006

Its up to you but I'd think you'd be better buying a quiet quality branded power supply. It wouldn't go to waste as you could use it on your new PC. You can pick up a fairly high spec one for less than £50.

  terryf 05:39 30 Dec 2006

The psu I suggested is about £25 but will last a lifetime and you can move to your new pc

  palinka 09:17 30 Dec 2006

thanks everyone. I'll tick resolved and go and shop!

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