rotormota 21:57 17 Jul 2005

How many cd albums approx would fit on to a 160gig hard drive in MP3 format please?

I am thinking of buying a Pioneer DVD HDD recorder which has a jukebox facility meaning that it will convert all my dust collecting cds into MP3 files. This would do away with clogging up my PC in the recording & storage process involved.

Many thanks.

  mattyc_92 21:58 17 Jul 2005

You are looking at hundreds if not thousands.

  bremner 22:00 17 Jul 2005

A 4 minute song coded at 160Bps will take about 4MB.

160GB/4MB = 40,000

  rotormota 22:03 17 Jul 2005

Thanks for your quick responses. Just what I wanted to hear. I shall now click & buy the sexy sleek machine I had got my eyes on.


  Stuartli 22:07 17 Jul 2005

But apart from installing all the songs, how on earth are you going to listen to them all...:-)

  rotormota 22:16 17 Jul 2005

Well, at the moment the dust collecting CDs don't move from the shelf. It's the terrible strain of getting one disc out of the case, placing it in the CD player & so on & so on!!

I figured that if I transfer everything to the Pioneer jukebox which will be connected to the hifi then power on, continuous random/shuffle play mode select & hey, non stop music I would probably have never bothered playing ever again kept on those old fashioned CD things!


  octal 22:24 17 Jul 2005

Perhaps someone could work out the time it will take to rip the 40,000 tracks form CDA to MP3 then copy them to the jukebox :-)

  mattyc_92 22:27 17 Jul 2005

Well, it takes approx 30 seconds to rip a 4min track, so in that logic it would take..... 13. 8 days to rip 40,000 tracks

  rotormota 22:32 17 Jul 2005

Luckily I don't have 40,000 tracks worth...a lot less so I will have plenty of spare HDD left over.


  rotormota 22:33 17 Jul 2005

It was all going so well!

I clicked, I added to basket, it's out of stock...doh!!

  mattyc_92 22:35 17 Jul 2005

You need that dog from the "e-sure" adverts called "Lucy" (i think it is e-sure).....

O well, there is always next week/the week after/ the week after/the week, well you get the idea.... ;)

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