How to manage NiMH Batteries

  uncle eric 21:35 28 Sep 2004

Now I've got some NiMH batteries what is the best way to use them to get optimum life ?

Should I try to cycle them from fully charged state to completely flat.

maybe they be kept fully charged when not in use.

Any tips welcomed.


  Strawballs 21:47 28 Sep 2004

These battery's are not like NiCad which have to be flattened totally everytime but it is advisable to flatten them occationally.

  shizzy 21:56 28 Sep 2004

My Nikon camera instructions advises to flatten completely for the first three charges.

  TomJerry 22:02 28 Sep 2004

This is limitation for NiMH, but not for Li-Ion which used in modern laptops.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:19 28 Sep 2004
  john-232317 22:32 28 Sep 2004

Link from sattman in another post....

click here

  hssutton 22:43 28 Sep 2004

NiMH are self discharging so always charge before use.

I have been using this type of battery for three years, in the most power hungry of cameras,the Minolta D7. during this time I have never discharged the batteries before recharge. I have taken well over 25,000 photos during this time and I am still using my original four sets of batteries. They do not suffer from the memory effect, so don't waste your time discharging them.

The batteries and chargers I use are Ansmann & Maha, maybe a little expensive but well worth the extra.

  hssutton 22:46 28 Sep 2004

Shizzy does have a point, It usually takes several cycles for these batteries to become "conditioned" achieve full efficiency

  john-232317 20:33 01 Oct 2004

So after two threads and two ticks.......

HAS IT BEEN HELPFUL ?????????????

  uncle eric 07:35 04 Oct 2004

Hi everyone,

Yes very helpful. Bought some batteries & a charger & now know how to get best use from them.

Thanks for all the responses.

  Stuartli 09:27 04 Oct 2004

The great advantage of Ni-MH batteries, apart from higher capacity, is that they don't have a "memory" in the same way as Ni-Cads and can be "topped up" as necessary.

Even so, as rightly pointed out, it's best to occasionally let them run virtually flat and then fully recharge.

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