How to make virus vault smaller

  ACOLYTE 09:46 17 Aug 2005

Does anyone know how to make the virus vault smaller in AVG at the minite it is set at 7.5 gig
and i think that is way to large and a waste of space,i have looked around in the options and cant find a way to make it smaller.

  johnnyrocker 10:47 17 Aug 2005

mine was 22.2 gig and reset it by opening control centre then virus vault select service then program settings and manually set it.


  Pooke 10:52 17 Aug 2005

mine is set at a maximum 30.5 gig, but there's nothing in it.

  ACOLYTE 10:57 17 Aug 2005

I have looked in the program settings for the virus vault but cant see anything about altering the size just maintanence of test results and how many to show,and a keyboard tab nothing about
the vault size.

  johnnyrocker 11:04 17 Aug 2005

i take it you have avg7?


  ACOLYTE 11:05 17 Aug 2005

Yeah,version 7.0.338 i must be looking in the wrong place or somthing lol.

  ACOLYTE 11:09 17 Aug 2005

Ok, i have found the settings lol,you have to actually open the virus vault before you can change the size,i was just highlighting it and then going to program settings,how dumb am i lol.
Thx for the help all sorted now.

  johnnyrocker 11:10 17 Aug 2005

mine is 7.1.338 and if you double click the icon scroll down to virus vault and highlight it an option to open will appear below when it opens follow my original instructions.


  rubella 11:11 17 Aug 2005

I just found this:

Program Settings - Vault Tab

"The Vault Tab allows you to specify the parameters for Virus Vault maintenance. The parameters include the maximum size of the Virus Vault, the minimum space on the hard disk, and allow you to automatically delete files from the Virus Vault as soon as the specified number of days expires, or as soon as the number of files in the Virus Vault exceeds a specified number.

You can enable the Limit Virus Vault size option to determine the minimum free space (in Megabytes) that must be preserved on your hard drive, and the maximum size (in disk size percentage) that can be used by all the files stored in the Virus Vault."

click here

Could it be unavailable on the free version?

  ACOLYTE 11:12 17 Aug 2005

Not sure why your version is different to mine though,its fully upto date,have you the free version or paid for one?

  rubella 11:14 17 Aug 2005

Forget that.

Virus vault/Service/Program settings

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