How to make a video DVD?

  stlucia2 08:30 14 Jun 2011

In the past I've used Pinnacle Studio DV Plus (quite old, I know) to capture movies from my video camera in raw .avi format, and to edit them and make them into MPEG2 files to record to DVD and then play back on my television. More recently I got Ulead Video Studio 8 to do the same thing, though I still prefer the old Pinnacle in some respects.

Anyway, my problem now is that I've just got a new still camera (Canon IXUS 1500) that can take better-quality videos than my video camera. The problem I have is that its output is in .mov format. This is fine if I want to watch just one scene at a time on my PC, but what is the best way of stringing together and editing a bunch of .mov files? Neither Pinnacle nor Windows Movie Maker will accept .mov files, but Ulead Video Studio does. But when I strung together less than about 25-minutes' worth and set it to create an MPEG2 file from them, it was still only 37% complete after running overnight for 12 hours, so I aborted.

I have tried dragging and dropping the files into Roxio Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 to make a DVD, but it fails with an error message when it tries to burn the DVD. I've checked that my software and burner are basically okay by dragging and dropping a couple of photo files direct onto a DVD and burning them successfully.

So, what do you guys recommend for creating DVDs from my .mov files, please? Is my problem simply that my versions of my software are too old for the present-day video formats?

  Terry Brown 12:15 14 Jun 2011

Try using this Free program [link text][1]

[1]: called super setup, it will convert virtually any music or Video file to any other.

There is not a lot of graphics to help, however the screen is simple enough to operate.


  Terry Brown 12:20 14 Jun 2011

The link is wrong - try again

Information page

link text

Download page

link text


  chub_tor 12:32 14 Jun 2011

Serif Movie Plus X3 and X5 will handle .mov files, I have used both. Can't be sure if any of the free earlier versions do though. You must have Quicktime installed on your machine for the Serif programme to work.

  stlucia2 17:49 14 Jun 2011

Oh dear, I've just downloaded the .exe file from your link, Terry Brown, and my AVG has flagged it up as a threat (Trojan horse Downloader.Generic11.AMIT) when I try to run it.

I can't find any free trial for Serif, but I've just realised that Ulead offers a free 30-day trial of the latest version (X4) of my Video Studio software, which won't cost much for an upgrade from my present version, so I'm going to try that before I pay good money for a different software.

  eedcam 18:29 14 Jun 2011

Dont waste time converting unless you want to edit juust use dvd flick its free and will convert author and burn your files . Advise you make an Iso image first check that if ok then burn later To do that go to Project settings >burning then tick the make iso box then back to the main page add your files and click create dvd

To convert first is not good as you then need to convert back again this avoids that link text

  Terry Brown 07:32 15 Jun 2011

I have had that program on my system for a few years (when it first come out), and no problem,I tried the link myself after reading your post, and it now seems to be infected. Sorry about that.


  stlucia2 07:49 15 Jun 2011

No problem, Terry. I've deleted the downloaded file from my system, and everything's running okay. Just shows how important a good anti-virus is.

Anyway, Ulead (now Corel) Video Studio Pro X4 has done the rendering in 40 minutes, so I'll be upgrading to that when the trial period expires. It's dawned on me that my problem was not just the .mov file format, but that the new camera's output is in HD, which my old camera and software don't do.

Thanks for your input.

  eedcam 08:10 15 Jun 2011

Stlucia HD can be burned as is to an ordinary std dvd and will play as HD on most bluray players with the qualkity kept as original

  stlucia2 10:53 15 Jun 2011

Tell me more, eedcam: If I simply copy the .mov files off my camera onto a blank DVD, are you saying they'll play as-is on my DVD/bluray player? If there's several of them, will they automatically play one after the other, or will I have to select each in turn?

I presume that if I want to edit the clips, I have no option but to go via a video editing program such as Video Studio Pro?

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