how to make pages fit screen

  BRUM-WELSH 13:46 22 Nov 2007

hi all
iv reinstalled xp pro after a few problems,and now web pages dont fit the screen.i lose the edges of the pages and hav to use the scroll bar to see the sides.
any help please?
many thanks

  BRUM-WELSH 14:07 22 Nov 2007

how do i find wat resolution it is and how can i adjust it?

  BRUM-WELSH 14:11 22 Nov 2007

iv sorted the resolution Marg but the fonts are small?extra large are still small!!

  BRUM-WELSH 14:17 22 Nov 2007

17 inch,tft.from Tiny so not a quality

  BRUM-WELSH 14:23 22 Nov 2007

1152x864 image config.hasnt a setting for normal or native.

  DieSse 14:33 22 Nov 2007

The screen itself should specify what it's native setting is - it's normally in the monitor booklet. If you don't have one, tell us the exact model and someone will look it up for you.

The native/recommended setting is when one dot of resolution exactly co-incides with one pixel built-in to the screen (for TFT screens - CRT screens are different).

  BRUM-WELSH 14:42 22 Nov 2007

soory its LCD.its a Nissei Sangyer L7AK2A model.thanks for helping people

  DieSse 14:51 22 Nov 2007

Nissei Sangyo is a division of Hitachi. But I can't find any specs for a Nissei Sangyo L7AK2A.

I did find this with the same number click here

is this your monitor?

If the monitor is not widescreen, most 17" monitors have 1280x1024 for their native resolution.

  BRUM-WELSH 14:58 22 Nov 2007

thats the one DieSse.have set it to your suggestion and is fine!many thanks for you and margs efforts.thank you both.youve saved my eyesight.

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