How to make OE mail etc. expanded when opened?

  polymath 18:23 25 Feb 2005

I recently reinstalled Internet Explorer, using a different PC Adviser cover disk from previous installations.
It solved a problem I was having (probably due to corrupted files), but there's a new irritation.

Before the reinstall, when I opened an email it was maximised to full screen. Now it opens in a small window, and I need to press the 'Maximise' button to read it.
The same thing also happens, since the reinstall, with the Find program.

I can't find a setting to make them open ready expanded (and the 'Help' button seems, as often, a misnomer!)

The Internet Explorer I changed to is ver. 6.0.2600.0000IC. It says 'copyright 1995-2001' - does that mean this version is old? It's the only version of IE I've used that says 'Create Mail' rather than 'New Mail'.

I'm using Win98SE.

  polymath 18:25 25 Feb 2005

I forgot to mention it's not a preview pane that appears - I haven't used that for years.

  VoG II 18:25 25 Feb 2005

Close all Internet Explorer buttons except the small one.

Drag its sides to fill the screen (do not use the Maximize button).

Close the window using File/Close (not the X).

  polymath 21:04 25 Feb 2005

Many thanks VoG - it worked for the emails!

I didn't know what you meant about closing buttons, but I opened an email and followed your other instructions, and they're now all opening properly.
Some settings aren't exactly intuitive, are they?

That's the main thing solved, but the method doesn't seem to work with the Windows Find (files/folders) program. Any ideas about that? (It's the only other program still needing expanding once opened, as far as I've noticed).

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