How to make my LCD monitor work...?

  NChick 20:12 09 Aug 2010

I recently acquired an LCD monitor (LG, model no. L1753HR) and have connected it to my PC (via the DVI-D input). I was hoping to have a dual-monitor setup (with my crt on the vga), but the display on the LG (as monitor 2 and not main monitor) only appears for a second. Then the screen goes blank, and the only way to restore it is to switch the monitor off and on again. And the same thing happens.
I've tried changing the res and updating the driver (LG still had it on their website!), but to no effect. Do I have to f*rt around in the bios, or am I missing something "duh" obvious? I've got Vista (home premium I think), and my crt is just listed as "Generic PnP monitor".

  citadel 21:59 09 Aug 2010

do you not just extend display in windows control panel.

  justme 22:07 09 Aug 2010

From the desktop.

Right click on the desktop and select properties.
then select settings and hopefully your second monitor will appear there. You can select which monitor is the main one and where the second monitor is positioned with regards to the main monitor.

If it doesn't appear then try selecting advanced and troubleshoot from there.

  DieSse 22:28 09 Aug 2010

Make sure you've got the refresh rate set to 60Hz - too high and it may not work.

  NChick 22:30 09 Aug 2010

Yes, I extended the display and even changed the lcd to be the main monitor. I've got the correct driver.
The troubleshoot button is greyed out for the lcd monitor.
I've managed to unlock the osd, but the screen doesn't stay on long enough for me to try anything. It seems to be going straight to some kind of standby or other power-saving mode, from what I can tell. The only difference I've made is that the light on the front has changed from orange to blue - there is, quite figuratively, no other difference.

  NChick 22:39 09 Aug 2010

The refresh was set at 60Hz. So I set it to 75Hz. It stayed on very slightly longer before it died again.

  robin_x 08:23 10 Aug 2010

My monitor is playing up, I think it is the capacitors.

Compaq 15" LCD. (who knows what factory made it)

The line scan goes and then it fades to grey.

But if i squeeze the top left corner, it comes back to life and stays OK for a while.

  robin_x 08:26 10 Aug 2010

By the way the monitor is 6 yrs old and I am an elec eng so I will sort it in due course.

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