how to make my computer quieter?

  zincy 16:00 31 Aug 2005


I was wondering if it's difficult to change the fan and heatsink on my computer? As mine makes loud noises like a hairdryer and i would like to make it more quieter. Any recommendation? Its an AMD athlon xp 3200. Not sure about motherboard it's a medion computer.

Many thanks

  Gongoozler 16:12 31 Aug 2005

Hi zincy. Changing the fan and heatsink isn't difficult, but must be done VERY carefully. The spring clip that holds the heatsink onto the processor socket is quite strong and so it is easy for the tool you are using to slip and damage the motherboard. I use a fairly large flat bladed screwdriver with a blade about 1/4 inch wide. The other important point is to remove EVERY trace of old dried heatsink compound from the processor. I once destroyed a processor by leaving a small granule of dried compound on the processor face. The heatsink I'm using has a large diameter fan and runs very quietly. click here

  Eric10 16:26 31 Aug 2005

You could check out these too click here but be warned that some of them need a lot of clearance round the CPU.

  Diemmess 16:31 31 Aug 2005

When it comes to a final choice between fans of equal quality. - The larger diameter fan will be quieter because it can run at a lower speed for the same volume of air.

  palinka 16:34 31 Aug 2005

you could try click here who supply a whole range of stuff to make pcs quieter. I bought a quiet fan from them and acoustic feet - every little helps.

I've recently read that using half a squash ball to replace each foot on a hi-fi improves clarity of sound ; maybe it would have an effect on a pc.

  zincy 16:37 31 Aug 2005

thank you for your replies
Gongloozer i have been lookin at the one u suggested and may be tempted to buy that...
i searched google for some pictures on how to replace one.. but not had much luck
what type of socket do i need?

  Gongoozler 16:39 31 Aug 2005

This information sheet on fitting an Athlon processor looks useful click here

  zincy 23:17 31 Aug 2005

thank you!
you have been most helpful, but i was wondering what type of socket do i need? or do i just look for a amd xp athlon fan?
also u mention i must clean the old paste around the cpu, what do i use to clean this?

  Belatucadrus 01:35 01 Sep 2005

click here for cleaning CPU, you could also use isopropyl alcohol. Nail varnish remover isn't really recommended as some of them contain conditioners.

  waterchan 04:35 01 Sep 2005

Are you sure that the PSU is not a significant source of noise?

And as someone recommended, a good place to shop for quiet PC parts is click here

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