how to make list stable.

  elbecko 12:03 30 Dec 2008


when you hit the 'start' button, a small menu pops up, doesn't it? well on the left side is a list of software,[utorrent, firefox, etc], however the list keeps changing all the time depending on what i have been using during the day.

my question is this: is there a way to make this menu stable? there are certain things i'd like on this list but many that i would not.
i'm always having to right click on certain ones and hitting 'remove from list'.


  MarvintheAndroid 12:18 30 Dec 2008

You don't say which OS you are using.

The left hand side lists recently used programs, plus a couple which are displayed by default. You can't freeze the list, but you can limit it to only a few items.

If you right click on a blank bit of task bar and select properties you should get the Start Menu properties.

Click the tab for start menu, then click customise.

Set the number of programs to a lower number or zero.

Then click Advanced, and select those features you always want displayed. Click OK, OK.

Alternatively you could switch to Classic Start Menu.


  woodchip 13:01 30 Dec 2008

Why not just use Classic Mode! Right click on task bar\Properties to setup up your start program

  elbecko 21:40 30 Dec 2008

thanks for your help. i do use classic mode sometimes, i like changing things around a lot!

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