How to make a disc AutoRun?

  AubreyS 17:32 28 Apr 2003

Hi all. I have transferred some old cine film to CD. To make it autorun do I simply put a notepad file on the disc with...


...on it as will as the film clip, or should I just copy an autorun file from a disc which already has it on?
Thanks for any help.

  Paranoid Android 17:55 28 Apr 2003

That's basically it, make sure the text file is named autorun.inf not autorun.inf.txt

(Granny, this is how you suck eggs.......)


  AubreyS 17:57 28 Apr 2003

Thanks Marvin... or should I say grandson?!

  MAJ 18:49 28 Apr 2003

That file will only autorun if it's called setup.exe. If it's an mpgeg, avi, or some other video format, you'll have to use an app similar to the one Taran linked to in this post click here.

  MAJ 18:50 28 Apr 2003

mpeg, not mpgeg

  AubreyS 19:00 28 Apr 2003

Thancks Maj... cee I mayke speling mistaykes two but noot verry oftin!

  Taran 19:23 28 Apr 2003

With respect, your autorun.inf file is a bit unusual. Your three lines of code are as follows:




As MAJ has correctly pointed out, this is telling your computer to autorun the disk and open setup.exe. This will work fine if you need to run a file on the disk called setup.exe, otherwise, you're goosed.

The third line for displaying the icon should read as follows:


The .ICO extension is the necessary file extension that a computer requires to know that an icon is, after all, an icon and you change the icon-name part of the above line to the filename you want to use.

As I've said, if you are intending to run a file from the CD called setup.exe you're on the right tracks, otherwise I'm afraid you're in trouble.

Good luck with it and if you get stuck post again and I'll give you a walkthrough.



  AubreyS 18:24 29 Apr 2003

Thanks for that, Taran. I think that I understand that. I'll give it a go, nothing to lose. Thanks again for all the help.

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