how to make a back-up copy of everything on my pc?

  blackmischief 14:37 20 Jan 2004

How do I back -up my system/hard disk/everything
-in the
event of a system failure,and how do you use this back up information if said failure happens.

  powerless 14:40 20 Jan 2004

click here

Drive Image 7 I use click here Create an Image (your backup) keep this image on a SECOND hard disk. Anythng goes wrong restore this image.

  Sheila-214876 15:12 20 Jan 2004

The best way (as Powerless says) is to clone it to a second hard disk. This can be done (depending on your O/S) by using xcopy or xxclone. You could also find a copy of Acronis Trueimage which was free on a magazine cover disk. I have used xcopy (because I am on win98SE) and Acronis both of which are good. You have to remember though that the backup is only as good as at the time you did the backup. Acronis backs it up to CDs. If you go the route of the second hard disk all you need to do is make the second hard disk the master and reboot your computer.

  john-232317 15:21 20 Jan 2004

Sorry to but in but just a quick question, if you back up everything to a different HD, will it also copy the OS, so that you could boot up the backup HD, if there was a problem with the first HD.

Excellent link powerless.

  john-232317 15:23 20 Jan 2004


Thanks i think you answered my question while i was typing.

Whats that about great minds think alike ;-))

  Bapou 15:42 20 Jan 2004

Drive Image 7 will clone everything.

  Wak 16:12 20 Jan 2004

Hi, I use the Free Acronis 5 SE program to back up my Win 98SE OS on to another Hard drive by means of the free XXCOPY.
XXCOPY will clone everything including the Operating System, boot record, Registry, programs and data files, and takes about two to five minutes.
After installing XXCOPY, simply go to Start/ Programs/ MS-DOS Prompt and type:-


and this will clone everything from the C:\ drive to the D:\ drive.
To reverse the situation, boot up the D:\ drive (possibly using the BIOS). The original D:\ drive will then become the new C:\ drive and you simply repeat the above, ie:-


which will clone the copy back on to the original drive and you are back to square one.

XXCOPY will only give a re-bootable copy with Windows up to and including 98SE. For other systems (ME and XP) you will need to use XXCLONE.

  Sheila-214876 16:23 20 Jan 2004

Yes, as Wak says xxcopy isn't much good for Windows XP. For XP you need xxclone which can be downloaded from click here You also need to note that there should be a space between the D:\ and /clone.

  JKAM 16:55 20 Jan 2004

I have two mobile racks installed in my PC, so that I can plug hard drives into the PC without taking it apart. I can set a hard drive to slave, slide it into rack 2 and copy the main hard drive in rack 1 using Drive Copy, [but there are a number of software options you can use]. I then can change the HD to Master, swop it with the HD in rack 1 and I can reboot using the copy HD. I actually have 7 HD's, 1 for non-web use, 1 for web use only, [in case of virus's] etc and my wife has her own so that she does not mess mine up. the other 3 are back-ups, plus a large one for videoediting work. Most of the backup HD's are small, maybe 4 - 10 gigs which I pick up 2nd hand.

  Wak 17:00 20 Jan 2004

Hi, Just to clarify the situation, Win XP might need a space between the D:\ and /Clone but Win 98SE doesn't need the space when using XXCOPY.
It might possibly work both with the space and without but I've only tried it without the space in Win 98SE.

  Diemmess 17:08 20 Jan 2004

Asssuming that the computer is not networked. If it is, then only careful planning will avoid loss of database entries for example.

All backups have a downside to them...... Time to backup, and the expense of extra hardware.
The market at present bundles huge HDs which are necessary for only a very few specialised users.

The majority of newcomers will allow all sorts of stuff to accumulate and make good backups very difficult............ With the sort of system that JKAM uses the ordinary mortal could sleep soundly.

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