how long will this be a top pc?

  [email protected] 13:35 24 Apr 2007

hello all, i just wanted some opinions on this pc, is it one that will grow with what the future brings, or will it be obselete in 12 months?
i know this is impossible to answer, i just wondered what your thoughts were, a waste of money or a good pc for a good few years
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  Technotiger 13:45 24 Apr 2007

Hi, personally I don't think any computer is worth that amount - it hasn't even got monitor etc with it. One would have to be a professional of some sort, to be prepared to pay that.

  [email protected] 14:02 24 Apr 2007

it is a lot of money, but i bought my first pc for £549 and have added
monitor £230
graphics cards, 2 total £519
cpu £228
ram £119
psu £64
mouse £79
cooling £70

and i cant do anything more with it, i want to keep this machine for games and have a more powerful one to install my vista on, i have seen screen shots from direct x10 games and my current pc will struggle, im just worried that if i spend that much, the price will halve in 6 months and for the same price i would be able to buy a much better pc.
i suppose it's a gamble
thanks for your reply

  Technotiger 14:15 24 Apr 2007

Your welcome - and as you say, 6 months from now, then what?

  [email protected] 14:37 24 Apr 2007

i mean, everyone is complaining about the prices of consoles, i think it may be a much cheaper option to buy a console forget about vista and stay as i am for a while!

  keef66 14:51 24 Apr 2007

buy a PS3 or an Xbox 360, or possibly both, and send me the change!

If you really must have a new gaming pc, but don't want to spend a fortune on the latest and very best stuff, go for something based on an E6600 core 2 duo, and a single 8800 graphics card. Anything more than this and you're paying over the odds for only modest gains in performance

  Migwell 14:55 24 Apr 2007

Why not just get your own up dated it will need a new mobo and a few other things but I bet you will still have £1500 at least left over for future upgrades.

  provider 2 14:59 24 Apr 2007

I think this would be better value for money but , of course, you would still have the Vista/games compatibility problem. click here

  Terry Brown 15:16 24 Apr 2007

I'm sorry for you, if you think you must spend that sort of money on upgrades and on new computers, unless of course you require it for professional reasons,e.g.technical design, which requires specialized software, but as they say 'There is one born every minute', and shops (land based and online) will gladly take your money, if you want to pay it.

  Stuartli 15:24 24 Apr 2007

ANY system you buy will be obsolete in three to six months (or even days!), based purely on the launch of the latest, even faster CPUs, graphics cards etc.

  Jack Hackett 15:29 24 Apr 2007

Retailers love technology chasers like you.
It means loadsamoney for them.
'a fool and his money are easily parted'
please note: I am NOT calling anyone a fool, just quoting a well known proverb.

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