How long should it take to partition a new drive?

  Cam58 21:49 29 Dec 2006

We have installed a new hard drive on a sony vaio desktop and the recovery utitily has been running for 332 minutes, saying "partitioning in process"....seems like an eternity! Is this normal??

  smoking44 21:52 29 Dec 2006

Somehow don't think so

definitly a problem there

  Technotiger 21:54 29 Dec 2006

Hi, should only take seconds!! Give the Forum a bit more info and we might be able to help.

  smoking44 21:58 29 Dec 2006

how big is the drive?
If is is a new hard drive why use recovery utititly (unless this has partitioning routines)

Use a partition manager like paragon Partition manager

click here

  Cam58 22:00 29 Dec 2006

Ok lets see....

Basically I pulled the original drive (80 GB) out and replaced it with a new drive (250 GB). I have the Sony Vaio recovery CD series and when I first booted up from the CD with the new drive in (attempting to have it reinstall Windows and the apps that came with the computer) it came up with 2 options. One was to use the recovery CD to reinstall things, the other was "custom". I tried the first option and it looked at the new drive and said the partition was wrong. I figured it was looking for 2 partitions (like the original HD) so I rebooted and choose CUSTOM.

From there one of the options was to partition the drive which I started..... and here we are 341 minutes and counting later....

Basically what I want to do is install Windows XP again and any apps I can from the CD though installing the other original apps is not that important. I have a copy of Office and the photo software I use etc.

Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated.

  smoking44 22:10 29 Dec 2006

Have you tried to format this drive then do an install

  Cam58 22:16 29 Dec 2006

nope haven't tried that. But.... with no info on the drive and no boot disk other than the recovery CD, how can I format/partition the drive.....

  smoking44 22:25 29 Dec 2006

you should have an option of deleting the original partition before you install windows, then you have the option of formating the drive prior to installing windows

  Technotiger 22:25 29 Dec 2006

In My Computer you should be able to 'see' the drive, right-click on its' icon and then choose Format from the drop-down menu.

  ed-0 22:27 29 Dec 2006

You can't do it that way, not with a recovery cd. Your original hard drive will probably have a " tattoo " mark. This will link up with the recovery CD and trigger the CD to write to the hard drive.

You can possibly fool the system by cloning the original hard drive to the new hard drive. This would entail using the new hard drives manufacturers setup disks to clone the contents of the 80Gb hard drive to the new hard drive. It should then make the new hard drive bootable.

Or the simplest and most often used way for a locked hard drive, is to use the new drive as a slave hard drive. You can transfer files from the smaller hard drive to the larger one and had a shed load of extra storage. The new hard drive e would then be called a " slave " drive. The time taken to format a 250Gb slave hard drive should be around one minute, if it is done correctly.

  Cam58 22:29 29 Dec 2006

The CD's I have for this are the original Sony Vaio Recovery CD's that came with the computer when I purchased it 4 years ago. The drive I am installing is totally clean/blank/brand new so there is no Windows or My Computer on it. My problem seems to be arising from trying to use the Recovery CD's to reinstall Windows XP from these CD's on the new drive.

It is a Western Digital EIDE 250 GB hard drive fresh out of the box.

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