How long should it take for acer to repair.

  Slamdunka 22:33 02 May 2008

I had a problem with my acer and i sent it in for repair i was just wondering about how long should this process take it got there in a day with the shipping we chose. The problem was minor it was kinda like they were going to replace the screen.


  woodchip 22:35 02 May 2008

Bit like asking how long is a piece of string.

  skidzy 22:38 02 May 2008

took the words out of my mouth.....:-)

Slamdunka,a simple phone call should answer that question !,though im guessing 2-3 weeks before you get it back.

  woodchip 22:40 02 May 2008

Hi skidzy
Been working on me van all day

  skidzy 22:45 02 May 2008

Hi Woody,nice to you up and about ok.
Bet this van is a work of art by now :-))
Sorry off to bed as i have my sons football presentation tomorrow and early start.

Sorry slamdunka,do not mean to hijack the thread,will pop in tomorrow to see how you are getting along.

  woodchip 22:47 02 May 2008

What I meant with my post above is Acer can be a bit iffy in other words it can be quick or they could lose it

  wis 23:09 02 May 2008

hope its not a 94 trany like mine youl be on it a week mot due jeest holy mother

  Slamdunka 00:16 03 May 2008

THAT LONG ahhh why cant they just stick a screen on and send it back

  wis 00:36 03 May 2008

gust got a bostin 22 inch hp wide flat

no just tacking the

  jack 08:53 03 May 2008

THAT LONG ahhh why cant they just stick a screen on and send it back

Well now that depends on -
How many are in the stack of repairs.
Where yours is in the stack.
How many Screens in stock or have to sent to Korea for one.
How many bods are working the pile
aand last but least is it
click here

  Slamdunka 13:46 03 May 2008

Has not been that long it is not a big deal i just kinda wanted a time frame to except it like when it has to be back by

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