How long should it last?

  shortcircuit 17:08 17 Jul 2003

It amazes me how short a life computer parts now only last.
Eg. I have gone through my 3 cdrom burners over 4 years.( all over £50) I accept, I do use it a lot, but it seems excessive.I have had a cdrom drive play up over the same period and a mobo fail.A HP printer which is on its last legs after 2 years even tho it cost £109.Is £50 a year reasonable?Everyone I speak to seems to always have something replaced recently. Is this how manufacturers are making the bucks? In work, we use 3 AST 233's. Slow and basic using NT, but they never fail. They get beaten, kicked,abused and are sat on the floor,but never fail and are over 6 years old! We use printers that are 5 years old and just do the job without flair and trouble we seem to have these days.They are used by people who want info from them and they don't understand how they get it, but they just want it.The cdrom drives are always in use with training disks. They just don't fail!!
We have witnessed the cost of parts tumble over the last years but have we also seen the quality fall as well? I think we now have to accept that parts like cd drives are the tyres on the car...replace every year!

So is the life expectancy of parts just a little over the manufacturers warranty or am I just unlucky?

  Gaz 25 17:40 17 Jul 2003

Things are getting cheaper and less reliable.

It is a shame, I have a 1993 Packard Bell, with Linux and it works wonders, I can sometimes work on it better than XP, it is quick and relaible.

My Epson 460, does the job and is cheap althugh slow, however me latest HP went a year ago, bought a new HP Photo printer now.

Just the way things are going.

  madPentium 18:00 17 Jul 2003

This is a fact of life with everything, you only get what you pay for. In all honesty, deskjets are hardly the most robust printers and are cheap. If you want build quality you have to still pay a good price. Motherboards range from tens of pounds to hundreds and there is a reason for this, the quality of components used. The market now seems flooded with stuff made cheaply in China and all possible corners are cut.
I personally love Asus motherboards, ten friends plus myself have had asus motherboards in our machines for years with no problems. There are cheap, middle of the road and expensive. I usually go middle of the road due to budget.

  shortcircuit 19:14 17 Jul 2003

So thats it then.Never buy a machine form a retailer as its full of cheap stuff. Better off building your own and with the money you save, invest in the best quality.

  -pops- 19:27 17 Jul 2003

"Never buy a machine form a retailer as its full of cheap stuff."

They have to be full of cheap stuff to be viable and stay at the low price demanded by the consumer.

I've been building my own machines for a number of years now. They are not cheap but they are built from good or top quality components and they last and last and last. The first machine I built in 1996 is still operating, albeit with a 1GB hard drive and Windows 95. The only thing that's been replaced on it is the floppy drive which was destroyed when someone pushed a disk in it after it was instructed to read the disk that was being put in. That machine is in use every day used mainly for W/P and email.

All the others I've built are also still going strong, as far as I know.

If you feel able to build your own (it's not difficult) you will soon find out it's very satisfying to do and you will most likely soon want to build another.

Be warned - it can be addictive!!!!!


  wee eddie 19:46 17 Jul 2003

so long as the mass market buys product on the basis of price. Manufacturers will compete on price rather than reliability.

I believe that the Server market is somewhat different, in the reliability is the first prerogative and although a factor is lower down the scale.

  wee eddie 19:48 17 Jul 2003

Price is of course, lower down the scale

  john-232317 19:55 17 Jul 2003

I agree with you, build your own is the best way, although its a long time since i did it. lol.
I am still using a K6 400, with all scsi cd cdrw scanner etc.still does all i need and more. ;-)

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