How Long Should Defragmenting Take?

  kevindickens001 12:21 26 Oct 2007

I recently tried to defragment my pc for the first time (the pc is 3 months old with Windows Vista). After more than 4 hours the process was not complete and I had to cancel it. I was quite surprised since on my much older laptop (Windows XP), defragmenting takes 30 minutes max. Is there something wrong with my PC?

Thanks a lot.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:23 26 Oct 2007

How big is the hard drive?

Defragmenting will take much longer on a larger drive.

  kevindickens001 12:28 26 Oct 2007

Hard-drive is 500GB.

  keef66 12:37 26 Oct 2007

had an 80gb hard drive which hadn't been defragged for a while. Defrag ran for an hour then said it couldn't complete because the disk was too full. Cloned the lot onto a new 250 gig HDD, then defrag said it didn't need to be done. Did it anyway, but it only took 20 mins. I suspect most of the defragmentation had been done at the first attempt on the old disk

  Mavisk 13:23 26 Oct 2007

Download click here
Its free,works with Vista,and takes a fraction of the
time windows does.

  mymate 13:41 26 Oct 2007

This is excellent and is free as well click here

I have Diskeeper Pro on my computer but i put Iobit on a friends computer and it works just as well for her

  robert01 13:45 26 Oct 2007

You could always try starting the pc in safe mode and then running it - I find that helps as otherwise all the background programs interrupt and slow down the defrag.

  johnem 19:23 26 Oct 2007

Agree with Mavisk, great software.

  laurie53 19:37 26 Oct 2007

Going back to the original question, I would not have thought four hours or more was over long for 500 gig.

  gel 19:45 26 Oct 2007

I once defragged for 8 hours but all was well in the end.
I now use Auslogics refered to above
It is easy very colorful and quick

  rdave13 20:51 26 Oct 2007

Using Auslogics on both PC's; an old Time desktop with an Athlon 2400 took 9 and a half hours. On a newish laptop with Celeron 1.7 GHz took 35 minutes and both have the same amount of ram.

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