How long before mailwasher has a major effect?

  ripvan 17:38 21 Oct 2004

Like many others I have a problem with spam.When you look some of the emails originated months ago and they are usually to alphabetically consecutive NTL email accounts.I have had mailwasher on for about a month now and I bounce all emails I can.I am still getting a dozen a day.Am I using it properly?I have not set anything on it.Is there an alternative that is as easy to set up?

  Flak999 17:42 21 Oct 2004

If I were you I would'nt bounce the emails, it just lets the spammers know that they have a "live 0ne". I used to bounce and used to get much more spam than i do now that i dont bounce, just delete them. All you are doing by bouncing them back is in effect becoming a spammer yourself and adding to the general slowdown of the internet!

  Dorsai 18:15 21 Oct 2004

I dont suggest bouncing..

Try yourself, and send an email to a nonexistant eddress.. You will get it bounced back to you within a couple of minutes, give or take...

YOu get some spam, sent by the spammer at 3pm, but dont check your mail till 5:30 when you get home from work, and bounce it, they get the bounce over two hours later, so then know you got it, but bounced it.

For a bounce to be effective you would have to bounce it the very second it arrived, so it looks like it never arrived.

Most e-mial is delivered very fast, just e-mail yourself, and see. so even a 20min later bounce probably gives it away.

And dont trust the date/time sent, this is the date and time as per the sending PC. So if the spammer sets his PC up with the wrong time/date, this is the time/date you see.

My girlfriend keeps getting spam, and it all has a time on it many hours before the time she recieved it. so when she sees a mail sent tomorrow, but recieved today she just deletes it, unread.


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