How long have you had your PC?

  jacksony 10:18 14 Mar 2007

Hi there,

I bought a reasonably cheap desktop (OK, it was £500) in June 2004. For certain reasons, I only use it about 4 weeks out of the year, in 1 week stretches.

I am wondering how many years it will keep going like this. How long have you had your PC, be it of the desktop or notebook variety? Is anyone out there still using 98 or even, dare I say it, 95?

  Legolas 10:41 14 Mar 2007

I would imagine that it would be usable for quite a long time as you use it so little but technology moves so quickly that in that sense it is already almost obsolete in terms of what software it can run and what it can do. If Win95 or 98 does everything you need and is stable then ok but I couldn't go back to them. The stability and versatility of XP is far better than any of its predecessors in my opinion.

  Snec 11:27 14 Mar 2007

My oldest machine is just over seven years old, running WinME and still a very good little machine. Up until this January it had been in daily use for at least 18 hours per day. The only thing I've ever done to it is increase the memory. I have a friend who has run the same machine for nine years with no problems at all.

How long do they last? I think it is all down to good working practices and maybe some luck.

  shellship 11:37 14 Mar 2007

I have had mine for nearly 5 years and, like Snec, have only increased the memory. However, it is now going slowly, not through age or misuse (I hope) but because I have only 3 Gb of space left on my HD and will have to get a much bigger one.

  Demora 11:40 14 Mar 2007

I Have a 11 year old Tiny P133 and all thats had done to it is new soundcard(first month I had it I wanted a Soundblaster) memory and dvd writer. Running Win 98seb. we only use it now for old DOS games and documents but its good


  Madscot_uk 12:38 14 Mar 2007

Up until a month ago my mother was using an IBM p133 machine, which must be at least 10 yrs old, running windows 95. It was never connected to the Internet, but quite happily managed to run office. I think it had something like 4Mb of ram, which compared to todays specs is tiny!

  griffon 56 12:54 14 Mar 2007

Years and years. Hang on a cotton-picking moment, I've only just upgraded to XP from 98SE!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:10 14 Mar 2007

Still running a 286 laptop from 1989. DOS 5
Will not work of batteries as battery pack no longer available.

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