How long does it take to scan for viruses?

  Legolas 19:02 10 Apr 2007

I have just done a full scan of my c: drive using the virus scanner that comes with Zone Alarm Pro trial version and it took an hour and a half to complete. I have scanned my system many times and it has never taken this long.
My 80gb HD is about two thirds full and it scanned over 90,000 files is this a disproportionate length of time for a full scan to take?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:05 10 Apr 2007

Seems a bit slow.

I am scanning 200G worth of files in approx 20 mins using Avast.

  kalstras 19:26 10 Apr 2007

I use norton 2007 and I have a 40 and a 200GB HDD which takes a sweet 4hrs to scan complete.

I do it while I sleep lol

  SB23 19:42 10 Apr 2007

Since my reformat and XP reinstall, a full scan this morning was approx 20 mins with Avast, but that was without all the music files, photo's, letters, etc that were on the hd as before.
An old scan with the hd nearly full, was about 90 mins. But it has been said that Avast tends to be slow, but I find it the best, and thorough.

  Totally-braindead 19:54 10 Apr 2007

I use AVG and typically with about 40 - 50 gig of n 80 gig drive full it takes maybe 40 - 45 minutes. So personally I would say its slow.

  wee eddie 19:59 10 Apr 2007

takes about an hour but I rarely time it.

It is set to run when the PC is first switched on.

I switch the PC on when get up > feed the cat > do the washing up > perform my morning ablutions > get a cup of coffee and some muesli > by then it has finished and I look at my mail then in here.

  moorie- 20:07 10 Apr 2007

could be a conflict with some of your antispyware apps ?

  cycoze 20:42 10 Apr 2007

How long is a piece of string?

It does seem to be very slow, but there are various factors to take into consideration, how fast a CPU, how much memory, what else is running etc

You say you have scanned it many times but faster, was it the same program?

2gb of small files takes longer to scan than a single 2gb file.

  Element Tech 20:43 10 Apr 2007

The time it takes to scan your entire HD really depends on how many files you have and how fast your drive/cpu/ram etc.... is.

From what I can see from your details, I would say it seems pretty normal.

  gudgulf 20:50 10 Apr 2007

I think Zone Alarm uses Kaspersky anti-virus I am via AOL's Active Virus Shield.

By default Kaspersky will pause if there any cpu drive activity from other running programs,and this can increase scan times dramatically.

Go through the settings and see if the Zone Alarm version has the same feature.If so turn it off and see what effect that has on your scan time.

A full,in depth scan of all files takes around 1 hour 40 minutes for the 200ish GB on my drives (around 700,000 files).

  Legolas 12:24 11 Apr 2007

wee eddie what a idyllic life you lead ;-)
I tried scanning with AVG but it had only scanned half the files and was taking forever so I cancelled it as I was off to bed. I can set ZA so that it ignores any file biggger than 8MB

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