How to log on abroad

  lynyrdskynyrd 09:34 06 Sep 2007

We are going to install a broadband connection in our Florida villa for use by our renters.
How will they be able to log on to the internet using their own laptops with this connection?
Sorry to be a pain, but we really need very basic advice/instructions here.
Many thanks in advance.

  Clapton is God 09:55 06 Sep 2007

They won't - unless you give them access to the CD provided by your ISP so that they can install the ISP's settings (temporarily) onto their laptops.

The alternative, of course, is to provide a laptop (securely anchored to a desk/table) in the villa connected to the broadband connection or to hire a laptop to any guests who want to access the internet.

  lynyrdskynyrd 10:24 06 Sep 2007

Thanks Eric.
Does this have to be a CD? Could I copy it and send the file to the renters before they leave the UK?
(I don't know what I'm talking about here, just posing the question)

  Clapton is God 11:13 06 Sep 2007

When you sign up to a broadband service most ISPs provide you with a CD which allows you to install their settings onto your PC/laptop and this, in turn, allows that PC/laptop to access the internet via the broadband connection.

It MAY be possible to copy the contents of the ISP's CD but what's the point?

Do you have an onsite rep (or meeter and greeter) at the villa?

If so, s/he could have access to the CD and show any guests how to use that CD to load the ISP's settings onto their laptop (and, ideally, remove those settings before the guests bugger off back home).

If you don't have a rep the CD could be left in the villa (just hope it doesn't walk) complete with an idiot's guide as to how to use it to access the internet.

Having said all that, what sort of saddo takes their laptop on holiday???!!!!

  lynyrdskynyrd 11:22 06 Sep 2007

Thanks again CiG.
We don't have a meeter/greeter, it's all done via a lockbox.
Can these CDs be copied so as to leave a copy for the renters?
Finally, you would be amazed at the increasing numbers that insist on having a broadband connection (which is why we are having to install it).

  Clapton is God 11:48 06 Sep 2007

"Can these CDs be copied"

I imagine they can - but I'm no expert, so can't really help with that one.

Suggest you wait for someone else to come along in the Forum - or

order a 'job lot' from your ISP!!

  lynyrdskynyrd 11:52 06 Sep 2007

Many thanks CiG

  dan* 12:18 06 Sep 2007

The simple secure way is to install a router and have a couple of LAN cables to connect to the laptops.

You would setup the router and make a wep key from the security settings. You then pass this code (key ) to the tenants when they take the lease. Switch of the WiFi so no one can take the signal.


You could enable the WiFi and your tenants would be able to surf all around the property. but you must make it secure so your neighbors don't steal any of the signal.

  Pamy 18:32 06 Sep 2007

I am sure other people on the estate then have the same requirement so why not ask them what thay do?

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