How to load programs to a drive other than C

  Trikie 09:16 19 May 2004

I originally bought my XP computer 2½ years ago to edit DV video camera films. There are 3 drives C is 5.98GB, D (the one for video work) is 38.3, and E is 13.1.

Having added various other programs over time I now often run low on space on C drive and have to remove and reinstall to juggle the programs as I need them. I have considered re-partioning but with very limited experience do not feel confident enough.

When installing some programs they ask if you want to use somewhere other than the C drive, and I have put these in E. Some offer the choice but then still put it in C whilst others do not give any option.

Is there any way of intercepting the installation process of this last group and specifying the E drive?

  SANTOS7 09:55 19 May 2004

click here this should help, good luck

  Catastrophe 10:32 19 May 2004

Don't be afraid to change the partition.

With "Partition Magic" you just follow a wizard. Couldn't be easier. As usual, back up before.

I have used PM over several years on different machines and have never had any problem whatsoever. Never lost any data or anything else. It is so much easier than FDISK and having to replace EVERYTHING.


  powerless 21:13 19 May 2004

When you start the install there should be an installation path of C:\Program Files

Usually there should be a browse button, click it and change the path.

Some settings may still be written to C: depends on the app.

  Trikie 21:30 19 May 2004

Thanks everyone. I was hoping that there is some way to force a program to another drive when the installation set up does not offer this choice but obviously not. At least I know where I am.

  QuickHare 21:35 19 May 2004

If it doesn't offer a choice, the chances are that it needs to be installed somewhere special. Drivers for devices, for example, must be placed in to the Windows\System or Windows\System32 folder, and Outlook Express does best in Program Files.

If the option is there, feel free to change it. That's what it's there for, but sometimes it doesn't offer a choice. This could be because of the reason above, or the fact that you haven't found it.

Doing a custom/advanced install (some installers give this option when you start it) will mostly provide you with this option.

  Graham ® 21:35 19 May 2004

Programs need to go on the drive with the operating system, so they have access to the registry.

  QuickHare 21:37 19 May 2004

Not necessarily.

The programs can be run on any drive. The Registry is held in memory and was created to allow programs to be installed on other drives, and in different folders. I have 99% of my applications not on my Windows drive, to allow space for my collection to grow without endless defragmenting.

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