How to link computers?

  rallypilot 20:06 01 Jul 2003

I have a six-month old Evesham desktop which I am happy with, apart from it being noisy. I will shortly be replacing my laptop and would like to know how to connect the two machines together so I can put all the stuff I've been working on while I've been away with the laptop straight on to the main machine.
I've tried reading XP help etc but I can't made head nor tail of all this ethernet, network hubs, IEEE *** and things.
Surely someone could tell me in plain English what kit I need and how to connect it? I'm using BT broadband with their external modem.
Thanks very much

taking it that you do not a have a cd burner , perhaps the easiest thing you could do would be to use a Parallel file transfer cable connected between the parallel ports . therefore you will only have to buy the one thing and xp has all the software and instructions built in to do this.

  powertool 20:43 01 Jul 2003

I can vouch for the fact that using a direct cable connection as described by horiz5 is quite straightforward and XP has a wizard which more or less does it for you.

The only thing is that I find it quite slow to bring large files over a thin wire so if you have a lot to transfer I would go for cd burning or you could get one of those plug in USB thingys which have come down in price and I am told are really and truly plug and play.

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