How legal is this?

  deggsymann 07:13 20 Jan 2004

Not a technical question, but a legal one.

In the process of reinstalling all my progs i have been visiting the relevant sites to get latest upgrades etc. On the Nero site there is an update pack for Nero 6 which seemingly has an update allowing you to copy dvd's including dual layered ones.

How legal is this? - i know they are a german company but surely they cant do this. I have not updated yet so dont know the full details.I assume it wont allow protected dvds to be copied or else they would get sued to high heaven

Anyone else updated and have any more details?

  Jester2K 07:34 20 Jan 2004

I don't understand your point.

What could be illegal about it?

If you mean because it can write or copy dual layer DVDs then why would be illegal? Dual layer DVDs are coming soon. Not all films are released on dual layer DVDs. Goodfellas has to be turned over halfway through but your not worried about your softwares ability to copy single sided discs.

Unless it mentions that it can crack any copy protection then it perfectly legal just like any software that can burn data to single layer DVDs, CDs or your tape recorder (how old does that sound???) at home.

Its just an update to cover a new type of DVD thats all. Anyone currently storing data across more than one DVD will be pleased to be able to use one double layer for every two single layer.

Or have i missed something?

  MisterPaul 07:52 20 Jan 2004

software manufacturer. Any copyright infringement would be your responsibility, as you would be committing the act.


  Jester2K 07:56 20 Jan 2004

MisterPaul - not necessarily. If the software can circumvent the copy protection then the software manufacturer is open to legal action.

However what has copyright got to do with the update?

The question of copyright always exists whatever media you use.

What makes the fact it an update for Dual Layer DVDs legally questionable?

  Chegs ® 08:04 20 Jan 2004

Nero already pulls up a message if you try to copy a protected disc,be it single/dual layered DVD,or even music cd.

  stlucia 10:34 20 Jan 2004

Jester2K -- wasn't there a case recently where a guy who had written a program that could crack copyright codes was found NOT guilty of any offence? I thought that put the onus for acting within the law onto the user of the software.

  matthew-293741 11:11 20 Jan 2004

it is not exactly a secret that any joe bloggs can get the necessary software for "backing up" original dvd' far as the leagl implication towards NERO...i cant see the arguement at all....still i am a fick brit!!

  hoop 11:58 20 Jan 2004

OSLO, Jan 5 (Reuters) - Norwegian police said on Monday they would not appeal a landmark DVD piracy case for a second time, marking a final victory for a 20-year-old hacker and a defeat for Hollywood.

An Oslo appeals court cleared 20-year-old Jon Johansen, dubbed "DVD Jon," of piracy charges in late December, angering the U.S. film industry which had hoped for a legal precedent to prevent unauthorised copying of DVDs around the world.

Norwegian police, which brought the charges on behalf of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), had considered appealing to Norway's Supreme Court by a two-week deadline from the December 22 ruling.

Police "have decided not to appeal the ruling in the DVD case. The acquittal in the District Court will therefore stand," they said in a statement, but gave no further detail.

The appeals court said Johansen, hailed by hackers worldwide as a hero for free speech, had not broken the law by helping to unlock a code and distribute a computer program on the Internet enabling unauthorised copying of DVD movies.


  plankton 12:35 20 Jan 2004

If you buy a DVD writer with dual layer capabilities, and you create a DVD of your "little Eric playing with his new toys" which happens to be 4 hours long, but the grandparents all want a copy each....well burning from the original is going to take some time, but copying will be much quicker. Nothing illegal there...???

  deggsymann 12:55 20 Jan 2004

The screenshot shows dvd9 > dvd5.

If it was for dual layer copying onto dual layer dvd it wouldnt need to compress it onto one layer.

click here

  tafoody 14:14 20 Jan 2004

Nero Recode 2 eliminates bad quality viewing! Now you can make backups of *unprotected* DVDs without any visible loss of quality! This now means that a whole film will fit on a normal blank DVD (4.7GB)!

The solution is both clever and simple - with Nero Recode 2 you can now remove unwanted material (e.g. foreign language sound tracks or bonus material) from the DVD (9 GB). Then the film is converted and compressed so that it fits on to a regular size blank DVD.

click here

i dont see any mention of copying protected DVD's.

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