How to leave misdirected mail with my ISP

  PAE 19:43 16 Apr 2008

I am using Outlook 2003 and I am getting a fair amount of Spam. OK, but the problem is the recipients (various) addresses are not mine. It looks as if my ISP is dumping anything they are not sure of on me I cannot see anything in Outlook Rules that will allow only correctly addressed mail through. What I want to do is leave all this rubbish with them and only have to deal with Spam that is addressed to me. Any ideas please?

  Woolwell 23:42 16 Apr 2008

Depends on your ISP. I have done just what you require with Orange by using the webmail interface and setting up message rules so that e-mails addressed to rubbish names are moved to the deleted folder. This folder automatically empties after so many days.

  PAE 09:39 17 Apr 2008

Could you please amplify how you changed the interface? I'm with Virgin Media and there doesn't seem to be any way of isolating my address from the rubbish their rules are almost non existant. I can move or confirm a message but that's about all. Spam filtering is either on or off, mine is on They identify it as spam but still send it. Thanks

  Woolwell 11:58 17 Apr 2008

I don't have Virgin Media so am not sure how their filters (if any) work but reading this click here
it would appear that you can set their spam filters so that spam is immediately deleted. The risk with this is that there maybe an e-mail which you want but is marked by Virgin as spam and is deleted before you get it.

  PAE 18:35 28 Apr 2008

Sorry for the delay in coming back; I have been a bit busy. I can't pull up the webpage you found because I still have a NTL address which doesn't seem to have the same options. I have decided to leave suspected spam with them for 7 days and see what happens.

  PAE 13:41 03 May 2008

Looks like leaving suspected spam with them has worked. They are suposed to keep it for 7 days which gives me a chance to look for anything that is non spam. Interesting thing one of my addresses (I use 3) had 10 pages of spam/phishing since 29 April. Anyrate seems that all is resolved. Thanks again

  Woolwell 15:05 03 May 2008

Good news.

  wee eddie 15:30 03 May 2008

Remember that "It" will filter anything that it thinks is Spam. That does not mean that it is Spam. So you will need to check your Spam folder for incorrectly filtered mails.

I had a problem when mail from a friend on an Oil Rig, just off Accra, was being considered as Spam. Because of the Nigerian Connection.

Now I just let everything through, pull all the mail that I recognise into a Reading Folder, then Delete the remainder.

  PAE 16:33 04 May 2008

Fine but I do have the facility to identify what should be let through but I was real surprised to see what had been stopped. I'm going to try this way for a bit anyway.

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