How know when a VCR recording is finished

  jack 14:44 25 Apr 2008

I have taken on the task of transferring a number of VCR tapes to DVD by copying to my PVR[DVD/HDD] then dubbing across to DVD.
That bit is no problem.
The tapes are standard 180 min, but each contains family holiday movies of varying lengths.
I need to find out the precise length of each recording.
At the moment I can only think of watching each in real time to time the length-thus to set the PVR recorder time.
Any better ideas?

  Ditch999 14:55 25 Apr 2008

You might as well record them while timing them, to DVD and then edit them on your PC. The tape will have to play regardless (unless you have high speed dubbing on both VCR and DVD/PVR)

  Stuartli 15:04 25 Apr 2008

My 15-year-old Mitsubishi H58 (top of the range Nicam stereo model at the time) will go to the start of a recording (or following recordings) by tracking a signal left on the tape.

Using this feature, if you have it, initially before commencing recording a full tape will indicate when to start and stop the recording of each section using the tape counter.

  johnnyrocker 15:09 25 Apr 2008

can you not use the counter facility to note the time that recording is finished then rewind and allow tape to play and it only needs the occasional chek on where tape is in relation to the counter?


  jack 19:40 25 Apr 2008

That is what I envisaged having to do.
Start the tape and mark the counter- which in my case will give run time -
Then set the PVR to dub until the time is up then stop it.
I dont see that my bog standard VCR senses end of signal.

  johnnyrocker 19:57 25 Apr 2008

it wont you need to make a note of it as far as i know no machines detect end of playback


  Stuartli 23:34 25 Apr 2008

Sorry, but it will also indicate the start of the next recording...:-)

You note the approximate end of the initial recording, then start on the next one.

You have to use your loaf a little bit......:-)

  johnnyrocker 23:36 25 Apr 2008

if there is more than one recording and indexing has been used which is not relevant to the method i am suggesting


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