how to keep router permanently connected

  iashem 14:04 08 Nov 2005

i am about to migrate my broadband connection and have just received an email from my new isp saying that idle timeouts are being introduced. i have a d-link dsl-g604t router is it possible to adjust any settings so the coneection never disconnects. The only thing i have found in the router admin is something called keep alive which is set at 10 minutes.
thanks for any help

  PaulB2005 16:17 08 Nov 2005

Keep Alive will ping servers to simulate traffic at the set time. However as the control is all at the ISPs end they might be able to discount this.

If you are not using the connection why keep it connected if the ISP introduces this feature. Only takes seconds to reconnect?

  moore_mat 16:23 08 Nov 2005

I think you may have answered your own question there - the keep alive option normally sends out a tiny packet of information at the specified interval to trick the ISP into thinking you are still using it. It's not a huge problem if they do have idle disconnect as it's only the first page you load will be slightly slower than normal to appear as the modem tries to reconnect. I'd check your Router manual to confirm this Keep Alive feature though.

Good luck!

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  Forum Editor 18:30 08 Nov 2005

as ISPs attempt to combat contention ratio problems.

As more and more people take up broadband services contention is going to become an increasingly difficult issue, and ISP idle timeouts are one way of helping. It's hardly a problem, as moore_mat has illustrated, and in any case it's a bad idea to have a router permanently online when you're not using the computer.

Both my office and home ADSL routers are always turned off at night.

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