how to keep my pc logged in

  odelay123 18:28 04 Aug 2007

have just reformatted my pc and having problems keeping my pc logged in.

basically when i leave my pc for a while and come back my pc goes to the login stage.

where do i have to go so i stay logged in and just say have the screen saver on. bit of a pain having to lgin in every so often

thanks for any advice

  ambra4 18:45 04 Aug 2007

Go-Start-Control Panel-Power Options-Advanced-Untick Prompt for password when computer resume from standby

  odelay123 00:01 05 Aug 2007

hi thanks.

tried that and it didn't work!

basically its when i leave my pc with the desktop on or an internet page. instead of the screen saver coming on it goes back to the page where i have to login again

anyone know!?

  ambra4 01:06 05 Aug 2007

Ok now understand which login you talking about

I have the same problem with this site, the server will time you out after a certain time if you do not refresh the page,if I refresh the page regular it seem to stay up, not a problem just a pain

  odelay123 01:12 05 Aug 2007

no mate. i dont mean logging into internet sites.

i was just giving an example of leaving my pc on etc

the log in i mean is when you start pc up. it goes to this if i leave my pc for a few minutes. any idea where this setting is? sorry!

  beeuuem 01:26 05 Aug 2007

Try changing the settings in Control Panel > Power Options so that the system doesn't go into standby too quickly.
I only have one account on my system but I think (only think, mind you) if you have more than one acccount the system will normally ask for a password on waking up. In User Uccounts check that the only accounts are yours and a guest account, unless you actually require more than one account.

  acxxxx 01:28 05 Aug 2007

Try (XP?)

Control Panel
Power Options

Then increase them all to 30 mins+ (or your preference)

  birdface 15:16 05 Aug 2007

If on Broadband,Try, Contol panel .Internet Options, Connections, Lan Settings,Tick automatically detect settings.Ok.Apply.Ok

  odelay123 18:20 05 Aug 2007


have tried the above but still no joy!

any other ideas!

such a pain

  ambra4 19:06 05 Aug 2007

Is this the login you talking about

Control Panel-Power Options-Advanced-untick- Prompt for password when computer resume from standby

  odelay123 21:00 05 Aug 2007

have this unticked and still the same. also have standby set at 5 hours

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