How to join up broken up large message - Outlook E

  the mole 14:53 12 May 2003

I am using Win98 with OE v6
I have received a message which because it was large has been sent using the option to break large message into smaller chunks - see OE-Accounts-Mail-Advanced-about 3rd option to break messages.

Can anyone please advise how one joins this parts together to make the whole message.


  Goldcroft 15:00 12 May 2003

Copy and paste the segments into Word?

  crx1600 15:16 12 May 2003

ive just tried sending myself a 'broken up' email.and regardless or whether or not the option is activated,the recieved email rebuilds itself into 1,and deletes the parts.

but im using winME OE5.5,and not much help i know.

  Confab 15:17 12 May 2003

OE should re-build the broken parts to form one message. It may leave the broken parts in your in box.


  the mole 15:28 12 May 2003

Thanks for replies so far:
these broken pieces are and exe file so unfortunately I don't think word can help do you?

CRX1600 and
If it reassembles itself but leaves the broken pieces in OE where does it put the reassemble file?

The Mole

  crx1600 15:30 12 May 2003

my rebuilt email was still displayed as part1 of 7 even though it was complete.

so as amber-shortie says,the parts may still exist in your 'inbox',double check part 1 of (however many)

  crx1600 15:35 12 May 2003

the parts were sent to 'deleted items' automatically,leaving just the rebuilt(part 1) in the 'inbox'.

if yours aren't being sent to 'deleted items' after rebuilding,and still exist in 'inbox' you may be confusing the fragment 'part 1' with the completed 'part 1'

  Goldcroft 15:51 12 May 2003

Sorry Mole: Didn't know nature of email so assumed it was text. Hope you get it solved.

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