How to install Speedtouch modem without a disk?

  icybar 16:00 29 Dec 2007

Please could anybody help me? Signed up to Talktalk (stupid, stupid, stupid) who sent me everything except the Connect and Go disk to be able to install the Speedtouch 330 modem and get on line. After lots of calls and 2 months they still haven't sent me the disk, their customer service is a malign joke, but I'm locked into the contract. If I download the driver software (via another computer) onto disk, how do I install from there please? I'm using Windows XP Home.
Thank you in advance.

  csqwared 16:07 29 Dec 2007

if you go to here click here download you need is Release 3.01 UK (**JUNE 2007 UPDATE**) - Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP. When you click on this it will download a .exe file. Copy it to a disk and then just run it on your computer. Must say I've been with TalkTalk a while now with no probs.....yet!!!!


  csqwared 16:10 29 Dec 2007

fouled up with the link. It should be click here


  sidecar sid 17:36 29 Dec 2007

Assuming you have your Talktalk username and password,you can order a disk here.

click here

  icybar 22:00 29 Dec 2007

Many thanks csqwared. I have copied the driver file and will install it as soon as I get to my own computer(plainly, I'm on another because I can't get on line without the modem...)Is that it? Do I need to do anything about the software for the modem itself, do you think?
Btw, I think Talktalk is great when it works - it just goes really pear-shaped when you need customer service at all for any reason.

Also thanks to sidecar sid - but the Talktalk website won't let me becuase it refuses to recognise my BB account. Psssssaw!

  Stuartli 00:16 30 Dec 2007

>>but the Talktalk website won't let me becuase it refuses to recognise my BB account. >>

This is quite possibly because you are confusing the TalkTalk ISP username and password and your chosen e-mail address and password to get into My Account, WebMail etc.

The ISP Username is your phone number (including prefix) and the TT supplied password.

You have to activate your e-mail account through someone first sending you an e-mail - you can do it yourself if you have a current e-mail address with another ISP.

  Stuartli 00:17 30 Dec 2007

I've been with TalkTalk since a year last April - I've had very few problems and the financial savings have been staggering.

  Stuartli 00:20 30 Dec 2007

All you need to do with the Speedtouch 330 is to install the drivers (you can get them from: click here) and then set up the ISP connection manually from IE>Tools>Connection tab>Create new account.

It's exactly the same as dial-up except you choose DSL and use:


as the phone number.

Also tick the Always Dial My Default Connection box.

  Miros 01:30 30 Dec 2007

I would think if Talk Talk are failing to supply you with the connect and go CD they have broken their contract and you would have a get out.

Having said that Stuartli I would think always offers good tech advice on these forums and I would go with him and his advice.

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