How to install a simple wireless network

  Simon55 14:47 09 Feb 2004

I have a home PC running ME, and a laptop running XP. I also have an ADSL connection via BT Broadband on the PC, and wish to share this and the PC's printer with the laptop, but be flexible as to where I work within the house. What kits do I need to buy to (simply) set up a wireless network at home to enable sharing of these deivices?

  JerryJay 14:54 09 Feb 2004

Two different methods. (1) peer to peer with need one wireless adaptor (PCI or usb) on your base PC and one wireless adaptor (usb or PCCard) on your laptop. (2) Wireless router way, you need one wireless router to connected to your base PC (better to have one with more than one wired portm so you can connect modem to router as well then you do not need to switch base machine on if you only use laptop for internet) and you also need wireless adaptor for your laptop. All components can be found from ebuyer dabs etc. The first setup is cheaper, but the second one is easy and can add more machines if you want.

  LeadingMNMs 16:10 09 Feb 2004

It really does depend on your needs. If you are happy for only one computer to have internet access at any one time then go for the cheaper first option.Another option would be to buy a wireless access point and attach this via ethernet cable to a wired network card on the desktop. This would then make it easier to expand later if needed.

If you want simultaneous access then you would need a router with either and external ethernet modem or a internal one. This is the option I use although I do have 4 machines that may be using the connection.

I can only advise that, if your like me and want to spend as little as possible that you shop around on eBuyer or Dabs for components. A kit from a manufacturer is likely to cost much more than the individual components although maybe easier for a beginner.

If going for option 1a, you'll need
1. Wireless PCI Network card
2. Wireless PCMCIA Network card

Max £40 total for 802.11b

For option 1b, you'll need
1. Wired PCI Network card (if not got one already)
2. Wireless Access Point
3. Network cable (crossover I think)
4. Wireless PCMCIA Network card

Max £70 total for 802.11b

For option 2, you'll need,
1. Wired / wireless PCI network card
2. Network cable (straight through) (if using wired port)
3. Wireless ADSL Router (with / without modem)
4. Ethernet modem (if not in router)
5. Wireless PCMCIA Network card

Max £100 total for 802.11b

  jgosden 16:27 09 Feb 2004

i did option (A) and it was easy and works really well. If your going to add more pcs then you should use b/c but for me with two pcs it has worked fine and cost hardly anything

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