How To Install Memory – Complete Novice

  NSBT 12:25 14 Nov 2007


My new memory card from Crucial has arrived, although I have absolutely no idea how to install it.

Never having done it before, is it straight forward, or would I need to take it to a shop?

I'm frightened to death of messing something up.


  User-312386 12:32 14 Nov 2007

I assume you mean RAM for the inside of your case that attaches to the motherboard(MOBO)?

If you are it is straightforward

Undo the screws for the side of the case, remove the side and then look where the dimm slots are and there will be a stick of memory already there, there are 2 little levers each end, ensure they are pushed away from where the memory slots in. Now position your memory in line with the notch and then push firmly (not to hard) and then who should hear a slight click as the retainers pop into place

  Belatucadrus 12:40 14 Nov 2007

Safety tip, touch a radiator for a few seconds before handling the module to ensure you're not carrying any static charge that could damage it. RAM modules seem much tougher nowadays but it's a simple precaution.

  NSBT 13:47 14 Nov 2007

OK, thanks the the help guys

I'm just about to do it, can I just ask, do I put the new stick into the empty slot, or do I replace the stick that's already in there?

  rawprawn 13:59 14 Nov 2007

Assuming that you are increasing the RAM already installed, just put the new one in the spare slot next to the one you have already.

  Technotiger 14:00 14 Nov 2007

First, make sure everything is switched off - then with side panel removed from case, touch any metal part of the computer case to discharge static. You don't say what RAM you have in PC and what you have bought. If one you have bought is say 1Gb and that inside the pc is smaller, then replace the old with the new. You could then put the old into the next slot. Make sure the little clips at each end of the RSM sticks click into place. Before replacing the side of the case, try your PC, if all is ok then you can replace the side panel.

Let us know how you get on, it should only take a couple of minutes.

  Technotiger 14:01 14 Nov 2007

RSM = RAM silly me!

  NSBT 14:07 14 Nov 2007

OK guys thanks, before I do it, let me clarify for "tech"

I have 512mb inside, and I just bought another 512mb

  Technotiger 14:15 14 Nov 2007

OK just put it in next empty slot.

  NSBT 14:16 14 Nov 2007

OK cheers *tech*

Be back soon

  Technotiger 15:11 14 Nov 2007

back soon - nearly half-hour ago, looks as if something has gone belly up??

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