How to install a dvd rom

  iqs 19:10 27 May 2007

drive on a pc with Win 2000 pro..

Hello,I was given an old Pc to upgrade for a friend.The Pc is about 8 years old,running Win 2000 pro.Make is Patriot

I have very little knownledge of this operating system.I know that drivers are required for the DVD ROM ,but the disc is missing.Are there universal drivers from this era still available.

There is no OS disc,or restore floppy.I'm assuming that the OS is on a partition,how would I restore is required.Can I create a boot disk.

Sorry for asking,but the first PC I owned was way back in 2001 running XP.

Thank you.


  citadel 19:31 27 May 2007

dvd rom should work without a special driver, just install it and windows uses a system driver.

  iqs 19:36 27 May 2007

and thanks for your help.I was not aware that Win 2000 would use its own driver.Just shows what I know.Cheers

  bjh 19:37 27 May 2007

Agreed with Citadel. Connect it up, and see what happens. Unlikely to do any harm, and it should just be recognised without any trouble. If it is a DVD rewriter, it'll still be recognised, but you will need a software package to write disks.

  Stuartli 20:30 27 May 2007

Any optical drive only requires the basic Windows CDROM driver which is installed automatically when you reboot after installing the drive(s).

  iqs 19:40 28 May 2007

bjh and Stuartli.

I have just noticed that the harddrive is set as master,and the cdrw as slave.The CDRW will play cd's,but with not record.When the DVD ROM is installed both drives are set as salve,but when you eject one drive,the other is ejected as well.

With this config both drives and harddrive work,but with issues.

Its over to you.Cheers

  birdface 19:42 28 May 2007
  iqs 20:46 28 May 2007

buteman :-)

  Stuartli 23:41 28 May 2007

The hard drive should preferably be on the Primary IDE Channel and the optical drive on the Secondary IDE Channel.

The ROM drive will be configured as Drive D.

If, for any reason, you added a rewriter, then that will be the Master and become Drive D and the ROM drive will be the Slave and Drive E.

Both drives would have to have the jumpers correctly set for Master and Slave.

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