How to install CD software on a netbook pls!!!

  julius44 13:39 20 Dec 2009

Hello there, my friend is here with her netbook, and I need to know the quickest way for us to be able to install some cd software on the netbook. We need to do this within the next 2-3 hours, and we cant afford to go and purchase an external cd drive. Any quick suggestions please. There is s desktop and wireless laptop here as well, both have cd drives(obviously). We just need to install the 3-4 software cds, asap......we dont have the time to go and look for extra cables, etc. Any help would be much appreciated!!!!

  Al94 13:48 20 Dec 2009

If you have a usb pen drive of at least 1gb drag all the files off the cd onto the pen drive and run the install file from there on the netbook.

  GaT7 13:55 20 Dec 2009

You could copy the contents of the CDs to a USB flash drive if you have one. You may need to transfer them as mountable images though.

You could also create a network between the netbook & desktop/laptop & use the latter's optical drive to do it.

More info for both at click here. G

  julius44 14:44 20 Dec 2009

Hi crossbow7 and Al94 thanks for the advice, but crossbow the link you gave me does not really give any info on how to use the usb flash drive way. Can I get any links that show me how to do this using my usb flash drive please??? And the mountable image thing...........i dont really understand this, so pls more info is needed please??

  GaT7 15:25 20 Dec 2009

Try the direct copying & paste method first - you'll have to do it one CD at a time. Simply copy the contents of the CD to the USB flash drive. Plug flash drive into netbook & double-click on the setup file.

If the above doesn't work, you'll need to do it via the 'image' method. All/most burning software have the ability to create an image from a CD/DVD. If you don't have any, download & install the free Imgburn click here & use it to create images of each of your software discs. Copy the images to the netbook via the flash drive. In the meantime, also download the free Daemon Tools (DT) click here & copy it to the netbook via the flash drive.

Next, install DT on the netbook & use it to mount each image, then install the software. Do this for each image you created. A small tutorial to mount an image using DT click here. G

  GaT7 15:35 20 Dec 2009

Well, it looks like DT will do it all - create & mount images, so no need for Imgburn. G

  julius44 15:37 20 Dec 2009

Thanks for that crossbow 7, but the link you gave me for img burn, it keeps a link to various downloads so ive no idea what actual link that i need to dowloaf from, pls kindly put me in the RIGHT direction on the website pls. It mentions a lot about mirror downloads and I cant seem to see the english language download one(hope i'm making sense???)...........u have been a very big help by the way.

  woodchip 15:42 20 Dec 2009

If you have another Computer and a Router Network the Computers and then run the CD from the Netbook over the Network, Thats what I did to load My Corel Office Suite. or Buy a External DVDRW drive thats what I am going to do. Just bught a Samsung Netbook

  woodchip 15:43 20 Dec 2009

PS I tried the USB external Drive way to copy the CD but I think the Copywrite software stops it

  julius44 15:46 20 Dec 2009

Hi woodchip.....i have a wireless laptop and a pls explain to me HOW i can do this pls??

  retep888 15:53 20 Dec 2009

Set up your friend's netbook into your computer network,and then go into one of your PCs with a dvd drive and set it as shared.

From the netbook if you can see the shared dvd drive, then put the softwares in that PC and install software from the netbook as if its own.

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