How to install Adobe Premiere Elements

  dugit 15:32 13 May 2007

I can't install Adobe Premiere Elements.
It says:
"to install Adobe Premiere Elements you must be logged in as an administrator on your windows xp pc. If you do not have administrator access to your pc you will need to ask your system administrator to install Adobe Premiere Elements"
Can anybody explain what I have to do please ? ( I have never heard of an administrator).

  Ho-Lin-Sok 16:28 13 May 2007

control panel/user accounts.Change your account to administrator.

  Ho-Lin-Sok 16:34 13 May 2007

If you are the only user on your computer then you must be the administrator already, this message may possibly be just a reminder, have you tried to install the software?

  dugit 17:17 13 May 2007

1.Yes I see in cotrol panel/user accounts that I am administrator.
2.If I put in run q:install.exe it just takes me to folder "premiere elements" and nothing happens?

  dugit 18:34 13 May 2007

When I right click/open Premiere Elements it shows "three folders with 0 KB, one Data 644,727 KB and one Readme 96KB".
The readme file says use "system administrator to install adobe premiere elements?

  Ho-Lin-Sok 21:43 13 May 2007

Is this on a disc or a download

  dugit 21:49 13 May 2007

This is from my disc 2(Adobe Premiere Elements), Disc 1 Adobe photoshop elements 3.0 installed ok, (ie Disc 1 and disc 2 bought as package)

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