how to install 2nd hd

  technoidea 14:20 22 Sep 2006

i have tried to install a new 40 gb hd. As installed 19 gb one is full.i set new drive as slave put on same ribbon as c;but comp does not see it when i click .my computer.only one drive is displayed
Q..does master have its own place on ribbon.
1st or 2nd.

have 2 ide.on motherboard.have running dvd rom dvd rw.on same ribbon.have C; on other. .have 350 ram.
please help.

  BurrWalnut 14:53 22 Sep 2006

It needs formatting before use.

Right-click My Computer, Manage, Disk Management then right-click the new drive and partition/format it.

  irishrapter 14:56 22 Sep 2006

You need to initialize the drive.

Are you running XP??

If so, go to Start / Control Panel / performance & Maintenance / administrative tools / computer management.

In there go into disk management.

You will see your drives, one will have a no entry sign on it, right click and select intialize.

  technoidea 15:04 22 Sep 2006

will try that now thank you..

  technoidea 15:24 22 Sep 2006

in disc management now .
new drive doesnt show up...c;. dvd r and dvd rw are there but no new hdd.

  irishrapter 22:30 22 Sep 2006

Scroll up or down the list and see if you can see the list of drives numbered:

disk 0
disk 1
disk 2

Is there any with a little red sign on it like a no entry sign??

If so, right click on the sign and select initialize.

If you can not see the drive there you should check in your bios settings and see if the motherbroad is seeing the hard drive at all.

  terryf 05:53 23 Sep 2006
  ed-0 11:55 23 Sep 2006

It may be that the hard drive size of 40Gb might be to large for your system. One clue maybe that your original drive is only 19Gb.

Bios limitations are 2.1Gb, 8.4Gb, 32Gb etc. Yours maybe a 32Gb limit.

Post back with the make and model of the hard drive, it may have a 32Gb limitation jumper available to try the drive at the smaller size.

But also try

Your first job is to get the hard drive seen in the bios. Once it is registered there, windows will find it.

start the computer and keep tapping the delete key. You should see a screen similar to this click here. Pick the standard cmos setup and enter.

This should open a page similar to this click here. See if the primary slave drive is set to auto. If it is not, use the PgUp buttons to scroll to it.

You must save and exit for it to work.

If the cmos pages are different, let us know.

  technoidea 18:16 24 Sep 2006

thank you.i have resolved my problem.took the hdd to get it checked at was found to be got 80gb as they had no 40s left.what all your mails .took a deep breath,and was suprised to see hdd in disc management,
right clicked and wizard job..thank you for your my computer shows new i have some folders to move ,with plenty of space to move them to..thanks again..

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