How to increase viewable image size

  Chegs ® 21:38 14 Aug 2004

click here

I have spent hours going round and round in this software click here trying to get the image increased to 640x480 from 320x240 pixels.I can see when using the app,that the screensize is 640x480,I have altered ANYTHING in the app (to do with width/height) to the larger size,but nothing seems to alter the image on the page.Anyone care to suggest a solution please,before I lose whats left of my hair.

  Forum Editor 23:50 14 Aug 2004

and webcams are not my strong point, but........

images are images, and the camera will only output enough data to display an image of a given resolution at a certain maximum size. Try to double that size and you'll be trying to spread the same amount of data over double the space - the resulting image quality will be dreadful.

  Chegs ® 00:13 15 Aug 2004

click here Webcam software.jpg Easyfreewebcam cfg pic.

I was using Easyfreewebcam to upload footage,but I couldn't get the footage onto my site,I had to go thru their server.It was easy to increase the size of the uploaded image with this app.If I could have gotten it up to my site,I would have purchased the software(Tis only £13.50)I heard about the "VisionGS" app in another thread,tried it out and was easily able to get the images up to my site.Once it was working,I then set to and tried to get the webpage picture to enlarge,but all I ended up with was still images at 640x480,the "preview" screen within the app at 640x480,the app stating it was uploading at 640x480,but "Properties" of the webpage image still showed the smaller image size.

Its not very clear,but the figures 640x4 and 25fps can just be seen in this image. click here

  Chegs ® 00:16 15 Aug 2004

click here 1st click here (above post) didn't work correctly,try this one instead.

  Chegs ® 12:59 15 Aug 2004

Got there,copied the HTML from my site(webcam.html)onto my PC,edited with Frontpage and then uploaded the page again.Result= :-)

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