how to increase the signal

  howard64 17:08 31 Dec 2006

with the pc temporarily in the conservatory the signal strength to my main pc was excellent. Now that the Christmas guest has gone I have put the pc in the spare bedroom and cannot now get any signal. Is there any way of increasing the signal. As usual any suggestions will be appreciated. A happy new year to everyone.

  dms05 11:39 01 Jan 2007

I think we need more info. Are we talking WiFi? What sort of WiFi (Router or Ad-hoc). What equipment? What distance is involved? What type of walls?

  howard64 11:54 01 Jan 2007

We are talking wifi - I bought the netgear adsl2 starter kit DGB111GUK. This claims up to 35m distance. The kit consists of the adsl router modem DG834Gv3 and the usb wireless adapter WG111v2. The router is in a room at the back of a detached brick built Garage. The pc with the adapter is now in the spare front bedroom of the bungalow. About 17 metres as the crow flies with 2 brick walls and 3 internal walls between them. I am now thinking of running a cat5 cable between the 2 areas and using the wireless in the spare room for connecting my daughters laptop to the system.

  T0SH 14:59 01 Jan 2007

Check the wireless router and the PC`s wireless card are set to use the same wireless radio channel (1 through 13 are the available options),(I personally use channel 11 because it seems to give me the best opperating range), you could also try elevating the hight of the wireless router

Cheers HC

  howard64 15:08 01 Jan 2007

as stated when they were nearer to each other worked perfectly on channel 11. Have tried all channels since moving the pc but no contact. Have tried elevating including putting the usb wireless adaptor on a long usb extension lead into my loft thereby eliminating the internal walls. No luck assume just too far in this case.

  dms05 15:49 01 Jan 2007

We live in an Edwardian house with our router on the top of the house and a PC on the ground floor rear - many walls and floors between! I used cable to connect these but your might consider Homeplug as a simple method click here

  terryf 01:55 02 Jan 2007

My son had problems with a wireless system, don't have details but when he changed from a fixed channel to auto, it solved signal problems, don't know if this is relevant.

  howard64 17:27 02 Jan 2007

thanks terryf but it made no difference - I have now bought the cable and will install the cat5e circuit and leave the wifi for the daughters laptop. Thanks all.

  musicman19 03:46 03 Mar 2007

I have a Netgear router and the manual says that the antenna needs to be vertical if your other PC is on the same level or horizontal if on another level. I have mine at 45 degrees and can connect all over the house including using a Nintendo Wii and a PSP.

  howard64 20:42 04 Mar 2007

musicman19 all angles tried and no contact my 1979 built bungalow must have metal lined walls or something.

  terryf 10:49 05 Mar 2007

I suggest that your house is built like mine with clinker internal walls, when I drill a hole to fix something, the drill comes out black and when I tried to set up a wireless sender to run my TV in the bedroom, it wouldn't work. Netgear do a system that involves sending the signal via the mains wiring called powerline networking click here

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