How to increase capacity of drive C

  MKS 22:03 21 Jun 2005

My laptop is currently running windows NT. I want to upgrade it to windows 2000 but there is not enough space on drive c. There are two other partitions D and E with lots of free space. Is is possible to shift some space from D or E onto C?. Or if I run fdisk and delete E drive, will that shift that space to C? Any help will be appreciated.

  dan11 23:14 21 Jun 2005

No. If you delete the partition in fdisk, it will just not show up in windows.

Your best bet would be to move all your important data over to the "E" drive. Start the computer with win2000 disk in and start the installation.

When it gets to the point of which drive you want to put 2000 on, delete the "C" and "D" drive. Then rebuild them as one "C", finish the installation.

The draw back with this is, that you will format the "C" drive and loose everything.

but it is an option.

  MKS 09:25 22 Jun 2005

Many thanks Dan11. I cannot afford to format drive C because of valuable programme/database which are sitting there. Someone has sugessted that I should use power quest partition magic to perform a disk management. Have you had any experience of this?

  GuyR 09:59 22 Jun 2005

you have not stated what size the drive is you have the partitions on, but I used partition magic on a 80mb drive I wanted to partition. I had used the program on a 20mb drive on another pc as a test bed to learn what I was doing.

I followed exactlty the same steps but on the newer larger drive partition magic crashed and I lost lots of data even when using data recovery utilities.

I might be wrong but if you have enough space on the other partitions could you not just install 2000 on there and on boot up would the system not allow you the choice of booting with NT or 2000.

Whatever you do, back up the data first.

  wee eddie 10:11 22 Jun 2005

Using C Drive for your programs.

Then using D & E Drives for your files.

Just copy and paste them across, then delete them from the C drive when you are happy that the transfer has been successful.

After that a little housekeeping on the C Drive, Defrag, that kind of thing and "Bob's y're Uncle"

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