How to improve wifi coverage using cabling

  OliverWestcott 18:40 01 Mar 2015

I am currently renovating a three storey Victorian house, including re wire and plastering throughout. I would like to ensure that the house has good wifi throughout, what is the best way to achieve this bearing in mind I have the opportunity to run new cables? (I have seen posts about repeaters and using the existing electrical system, but am I better off running cat 5 cables etc?) Many thanks Oliver

  bumpkin 19:04 01 Mar 2015

For what it costs run a cable to every room while you have the opportunity is my advice. Whether you use it or not is another thing but for the cost of a roll of cable you may as well do it anyway giving you the option of having it there and maybe even use for something else. Cable is always a better connection that Wireless or adapters anyway.

  wee eddie 19:53 01 Mar 2015

Why install yesterday's technology. Increase the capacity of the system you are installing. Double the number of sockets and use Home Plugs for the next few years.

Unless I am very much mistaken, the current methods of distributing WiFi will be on the way out by then, and something else will be replacing it.

  HondaMan 19:58 01 Mar 2015

I go along with bumpkin. You have the best opportunity you are ever likely to have, short of a new-build, to have the perfect networked house. A network outlet in every room - joy of joys!

  polymath 20:05 01 Mar 2015

Plenty of power sockets is a good idea in any case (a good rule of thumb is to take the number you think you'll need and double it!).

  alanrwood 20:22 01 Mar 2015

Sorry wee eddie but no way would I consider using homeplugs when I had the option of installing Cat 6 cable outlets in every room. These will not become obsolete in the foreseeable future and will allow the use of an unmanaged switch in every room if it becomes neccessary and at faster speeds than any current homeplug can supply. The answer is simply to use the opportunity to wire up every room with a Cat 6 socket back to the room where the router/BT master socket is and that is as future proof as you can get today.

  robin_x 20:49 01 Mar 2015

There was talk over recent years of lots of services over multiple Cat6 cables, for coming years (and decades).

I don't know current thinking.

Maybe you should install ducting and drawstrings.

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  bumpkin 20:55 01 Mar 2015

Power sockets can easily be added assuming that you have at least one to start with. If you have no data cable then you will be taking up carpets and floor boards if you wish to install it later.

  bumpkin 20:59 01 Mar 2015

Just read robins post, that has to be the ideal solution if practicably possible and not too expensive.

  bumpkin 21:07 01 Mar 2015

Even if you change the location of your router you will still be able to have a live socket in every room with a bit of fiddling about with the wiring.

  bumpkin 21:26 01 Mar 2015

You could also use the currently unused wires in the cable to instal phone sockets should you wish to providing that the other end is connected to the master socket.

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