How to identify a font?

  palinka 18:42 03 Dec 2009

Does anyone know a solution?
several years ago I designed a poster - I have a printed copy but, alas, the original seems no longer to be on my computer.
I now need to produce several others and I want to use the same "pattern " as before, but so far I haven't been able to identify the main font I used .
Is there a quick way to do this?
Can't be sure either, whether I used Word or Publisher, so the font in question may be in either.

  GaT7 18:49 03 Dec 2009

If you can post a photo of the printed copy, someone might know. Otherwise, how can anyone guess which font it it?!

Take the pic, host it on click here & post the resultant link here.

For privacy reasons (if applicable), I'd suggest editing prior to hosting it so only a few non-sequential words are visible. G

  Woolwell 19:06 03 Dec 2009

Word and Publisher use the same fonts.
If you scan it into an OCR program it may come up the nearest font.

  wiz-king 19:23 03 Dec 2009

If you tell us what program you wrote it in it might help along with Crossbows sugestion.

  palinka 19:25 03 Dec 2009

thank you both.
In the last few minutes, by pure chance I've discoverd the font I used - it's Maiandra GD. So immediate problem solved but I'll keep a note for future reference, and likewise of your suggestions.

  Sea Urchin 19:26 03 Dec 2009
  palinka 22:40 03 Dec 2009

thanks Sea Urchin - had time for only a quick look so far, but I'll add that to my list.

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