How to identify a DVD writer that will recognise all audio CDs

  Peter Lanky 12:44 25 Jan 2012

I have been busily ripping audio CDs to use on my new digital server. However, out of around 500 CDs 30 of them could not be read by my DVD drive. I had already had a couple of problems with audio CDs on the drive in my Dell, so purchased a new Plextor drive, but this was no better than the one I already had, so I've returned it. Of these 30 CDs, the drive would simply not recognise them, but there were also a couple that would read but sounded like an LP being played with a stylus full of dust.

I had no problem with any of the 30 CDs on an old Sony DW-D22A drive, but this is an IDE drive, and it seems that using an IDE on a SATA motherboard is not easy, so not a good option to try to use this in my PC.

So how can I identify a DVD drive that will recognise all audio CDs? The CDs in question were not any specific genre, of from dodgy record labels who try to stop you ripping.

  lotvic 12:55 25 Jan 2012

I got myself a cable 'usb to ide/sata cable' for less than a tenner. No caddy needed.

It means I can plug all other stuff into a usb port, 2.5 HDD's, 3.5 HDD's, ide, sata, CD/DVD RW etc. to use as and when I wish.

Wouldn't be without it now, it's solved my prob of pernickety drives.

  Number six 00:43 26 Jan 2012


Some audio cd's are copy-protected. This may help:

quite interesting

  Peter Lanky 06:39 26 Jan 2012

I'm not convinced that it is anything to do with copy protection, but that some CDs are simply not compatible with some drives. This is reinforced by the fact that I've just tried using ISO Buster, and it made no difference. Also having researched copy protection, none of the various forms appear to match my symptoms. Also, seeing as many of these CDs are quite a few years old, surely if the record company had wanted to protect them, they would have targeted the drives available at the time, which is not the case.

The problem with the Plextor drive was that it would not even recognise that there is a disc in the drive, so ISO Buster would have been of no use even if it worked. With my Dell drive (TSSTcorp TS-H653G), it recognises the disc, but the sound comes out all fuzzy. There is obviously some common compatibility problem within some drives, as it is the same CDs in both cases and the resulting sound is the same, even though the CDs are from completely different record companies and eras.

At the moment, the only option I appear to have is to use the old Sony drive, and get one of those Chinese adapters from Fleabay to use an IDE drive on a SATA motherboard, but I really want a modern drive that will work properly.

  eedcam 08:03 26 Jan 2012

Target some drives no way even dvd and bluray cant do that its aimed at all.Sony being one of the worst culprits. I'd agree its your weird machine Ha!You do have the latest firmware for this drive?

  BRYNIT 08:26 26 Jan 2012

Is the problem with the DVD drive or with the CD's?

Although you say you had no problems with the old IDE drive this does not mean that the new drive is at fault, you can only do this by comparing the the disks that were not recognise in both drives.

Have you tried the disk that were not recognised in another computer?

  Ian in Northampton 08:47 26 Jan 2012

One of the reasons I have always configured my PCs with two DVD drives from different manufacturers is that individual drives have very different tolerances for 'marginal' media. I often find that a CD or DVD that won't read/write in one drive is quite happy in the other one. I think a search for a drive that is 'guaranteed' to read everything put in it is destined to be a fruitless one.

  Peter Lanky 08:40 03 Feb 2012

The IDE drive was in another computer, and as I'm unable to connect this specific drive to by SATA Motherboard in my computer, I can't test it. All 30 CDs that were not read by my drive were read successfully on the drive in the other computer.

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