how hot is too hot for a cpu?

  w.squirrel 23:08 18 Jun 2003

My CPU temp sometimes gets up to 60 C. Is this too hot?

Last couple of days I was having win xp freeze on shutdown - couldn't even switch it off with on/off switch; reset didn't work; nor did system restore.

After downloading win updates the problem resolved. Been reading some threads and wondering if the problem could have been temp related? CPU is steady at 55 C just now - have just realised the tower was a bit close to me curtains and have moved them!

  alan 2273 23:11 18 Jun 2003

The temperature seems reasonable. What type of processor is it

  w.squirrel 23:15 18 Jun 2003

The processor is AMD Athlon 1900+

  woodchip 23:21 18 Jun 2003

I would say if you are pushing 50c it's too hot. Remove the side from your computer and check the temp after a bit

  w.squirrel 23:27 18 Jun 2003

Err, have never removed a side panel before! Is it a simple/safe process??

Is my cpu fan adjustable via windows settings?

  hugh-265156 23:33 18 Jun 2003

switch the computer off and remove it,usually its two screws at the rear left side or thumscrews.

turn it on then with the side removed and keep your hands out to be safe.

i would say if its all working ok then dont worry too much about the temps.

how did you get them via bios or software like motherboard monitor etc? some software is not very accurate.

cases are designed to cool better closed too.

  woodchip 23:33 18 Jun 2003

You cannot do anything with the fan other than fit a better one. the side panel may have two screws at the back holding the left side on looking from the front but some modern cases are very easy not needing any tools to remove there is nothing to break. when the screws are remove the panel may slide to the back to remove it

  w.squirrel 23:49 18 Jun 2003

Thanks guys.

Huggyg71, do you mean the software telling me the temps? If so, that's pc alert 4. Don't know where it came from - my brother put the computer together for me. (He's a computer guy, but 200 miles away and prob in bed just now!)

  Djohn 00:03 19 Jun 2003

Hope this helps to ease your mind regarding CPU temp.

1.4 What is the normal operating temperature of my AMD processor?
The operating temperature of a system or processor is highly dependent on the characteristics
of the system as a whole and the combination of components that make up the system.
Consequently, the "normal" operating temperature will vary from system to system, depending
on each system's make-up. Some of the variables that affect the operating temperature of a
system are: case size, air flow characteristics, installed components, processor speed,
processor heatsink/fan solution, thermal interface material, power supply, voltage settings,
workload, and ambient air temperature.
An approximation to the typical reading from a BIOS or an external software utility is
expected to be around 60ºC-65ºC or lower.

  w.squirrel 08:41 19 Jun 2003

Thanks for that info Djohn!

Computer has been working ok since I downloaded the win xp updates. So maybe the original problem was a software one?

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