How hot can a cpu run?

  madwab 19:21 09 Jun 2004

I have an AMD XP2800+ (not Barton core). I'm not into overclocking (just the opposite...) yet I've had some hangs which are almost certainly temperature related, and have recently adjusted the clock speed so it runs as a 2200+ just to col it down. Even so, the cpu idles at 51-54C depending on the ambient room temperature. I need to do a lot of video processing, which runs the cpu at 100% for long periods, and then it gets up to 64C and beyond. That's when things start hanging.

I assumed it was the cpu getting hot, but i can't finf any figures on what temperatures are acceptable for extended periods without significantly shortening the life of the chip. However today I found a highly technical site that suggested low 80sC is OK.

So, does anyone have any guidance on cpu temperatures; is is possible it's my memory chips that are too hot? (Because after the hot system locks, it sometimes freezes at the beginning of reboot - early stages of bios -with 'Memory 10' on the screen.

Any help appreciated.


  Valvegrid 19:32 09 Jun 2004

64°C sounds a bit hot, you have to add about 30°C to get the chip temperature because of the losses between the sensor and chip, which would equal 94°C, most chips maximum is about 90-95°C, so you are running close to the limit.

I'm trying to find an article that explained this very well, if I find it I'll post it for you.

  neghness 19:37 09 Jun 2004

i've got a xp+ 2600, on an asus motherboard. with the motherboard, i got a program called 'asus probe'. basically this monitors all the vital statistics on your motherboard, motherboard temp, processor temp, chassis fan sped, heat sink fan speed, memory usage etc. etc.
it also has a nice feature which automatically downspeeds your processor speed if it overheats. the default threshold is 72C on the processor, and 54C on the motherboard. i'd guess that these are pretty good guidelines to go off, because they are the manufacturers guidlelines. you might wanna see if there is a similar program on the manufacturers site for your motherboard.
but with the processor being very similar, i'd guess that 72C is a pretty safe bet as to when to turn it off, or sit the comp in the freezer...

  Valvegrid 19:43 09 Jun 2004

BTW, check the BIOS temperature against the monitor temperature, because sometimes they don't match. Chap on this forum had about 10°C difference between the BIOS and what was showing on the monitor!

  Valvegrid 19:46 09 Jun 2004

Found it: click here

  Rayuk 19:47 09 Jun 2004

You can download Memtest and run it .

  madwab 19:48 09 Jun 2004

I was missing the bit about the temperature difference so as you say, it is way too hot - idling at what should be the top end, while seriously underclocked. Time to replace the fan - it claimed to be for up to XP3000 but either it is ineffective, or I've got a contact problem. The article would be great if you can find it, Valvegrid!

mucho gracias

  Rayuk 19:49 09 Jun 2004

use my manners,you can download from
click here

  madwab 19:51 09 Jun 2004

I was beginning to despair of this forum, with several unresolved issues of late, but we're in the zone on this one.

The bios temp agrees with the monitor, so I guess it's accurate.

Will have a look at memtest but I've back to thinking it's the cpu now, given what's been said.


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