how to hook my laptop to sound system

  kitsan 10:48 15 Feb 2004

i have tried to hook up my laptop to the sound system in my local social club but there is a lot of crackling. i use just ordinary cable that i use to hook up my mp3 player/cd/minidisc, which all work perfectly.i know absolutely nothing about sound systems so i'm wondering if perhaps i need to make a different type of connection with my laptop?

  Diemmess 12:08 15 Feb 2004

I may be wrong, but trying to visualise what you can and cannot do, think you may be plugging into the wrong socket on your laptop.

If your connection of "my mp3 player/cd/minidisc" is so that you can use your laptop's speaker, then try plugging from the separate "extension speaker" socket on your laptop, to a suitable input on the club amplifier.

(you had better take advice about which input to use on the club's "pride and joy")

  kitsan 12:44 15 Feb 2004

Thanks for your reply.i only have the headphone socket for audio out on my laptop,which i am connecting to the audio in socket of the sound system in exactly the same way as from walkman to sound system.

  Diemmess 14:48 15 Feb 2004

OK..........Then it is what Audio Engineers might call an impedance mis-match. (I can't explain impedance) but with a sophisticated piece of work like a club amplifier it is necessary to plug into the correct stage so that the signal from your laptop receives the right amount of amplification before reaching the final power amplifier.

That is why I suggest you ask someone who is used to pushing the plugs into that piece of kit.

It is likely that you need to have some sort of adapter to do this because in this harsh world what fits (electronically) almost certainly will not fit mechanically! There is the phono plug, different sizes of jack plug (yours is probably a 3.5mm stereo jack)as well as a now obsolete range of different DIN plugs. Have courage, there is an answer there somewhere.

  wee eddie 20:48 15 Feb 2004

Should you be thinking of playing music that has been illegally downloaded.

They could end up in serious legal trouble.

  kitsan 21:11 15 Feb 2004

who are you to accuse me of illegally downloading music? not everyone is a free loader. my music is from my own legally purchased cds. any fool can understand that one laptop and a few cables are much lighter than perhaps 30 plus cds,cd walkman,mdisc etc. get your facts right. if you can't help keep out.

to Diemmess
thanks for your help. I'll keep trying.

  wee eddie 12:28 16 Feb 2004

I did not say that you would be using music that has been illegally downloaded, I just pointed out that the two headlined agencies took a dim view of the public performance of said music.

Performing Rights Society & Phonographic Performance Limited, are both government licensed agencies. I warn you 'cos they did me, a while back. Not for exactly that, but sufficiently similar in law to make no difference.

Both you, and the Social Club would be held responsible

What you need is an attenuator. They are just resistors. You will need to find the output impedance of the headphone output and the amplifier input (the latter should be on a plate giving the voltage, etc.).

Here's a picture click here

Of course, for stereo you would need two.

I would suggest you ask in the local musicians' shop, they know all about these things.

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